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Falakenoorboutique / beware!

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I was shocked when I saw the dress in real life! It just looked rubbish and was more like a cheap copy than an actual dress! I never expected this to happen and I was very disappointed that I wasted my money on garbage. When I contacted Falakenoorboutique they said that it was a final sale and that they do not accept returns and don't give refunds. Stay away!

May 6, 2016
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  • Sw
      23rd of Aug, 2018

    Falak-E-Noor Boutique is fraud. Be very very careful before ordering anything from this will be cheated big time.
    I ordered two lehengas from Falak-e-noor on 24th July. And this site has only one way to contact you which is e-mail. If you want to get any update about your product you need to contact them through mail which they do not see and if at all they see they reply according to their timeline. So the story is I received a wrong product. I did mail them about the wrong product but as usual I did not get a reply from them. As a customer who has spent thousands of hard earned money on something, I tried to track them on Instagram and Facebook. Since I knew that they will keep on ignoring me I commented on their posts in Instagram saying, I have received wrong product. Please check your mail and reply. I received a very casual reply which said send us a mail with photos and we will investigate the matter. I had already done that long back but did it again. Despite doing the required again and again, when I did not receive any reply from them I asked them to cancel my second product for which I had received a wrong product and reimburse my money. I have never seen a Customer care which says, "Don't be rude"or "We do not discuss so much with our customers in arguments.We explained you the solution. Also please note that any misplacement of package sent by you and not getting delivered to us is your responsibility and not ours. "I constantly kept on asking them to send me an official acknowledgement mail with return Authorization Reference so that I can return the wrong product but never received the address or any formal mail from them. I feel this was a planned step from the seller side as they would take the product back and claim that I lost it while delivery to keep the money. Am so exhausted with this shopping experience and I have completely lost my trust on online shopping site where they only care about money and customer is not at all important. I had my engagement for which I had ordered the second lehenga and I could not wear that because of their irresponsible behavior.The worst thing is the trust that these Companies break just to earn certain amount of money.Tired of everything I asked Online Shopping Scams for help where they helped me by posting my case and mking others aware of the fraud.The update is that seller gave me his address to whic I should return the product but says that he will give only 8$ for shipping.I paid 32$ in total for shipping.So for one product it should be 16$.If you look at their shiping charges it says order 1 product for 24$ and 2 products for 32$.It does not say anywhere that first product's shipping charge is 24$ and second product's shipping charge is 8$.
    And even if we go according to their logic, if you look at my receipt the wrong product I received is the first product.I am uploading my receipt and shipping charges mentioned on their website.Even if I do not get justice as a consumer I hope nobody else falls a rey to their cheap treachareous ways to cheat customers.Read my review before shopping from the site. Also go through review from another customer
    And make a wise decision.
    I asked them to write me through mail that they will refund me the shipping charges for getting the product+the product cost+return shipping charge.For shipping the product from India to my home I paid 32$ for two products.Their website says, "If you order 1 product the shipping charge will be 24$ and if you order 2 the shipping charge will be 32$".So logically I asked them to refund 16$+product cost+15$for returning the product to them.Now they say that for shipping from India to my home they will only pay the difference of 32$-24$ which is 8$ .Nowhere in the website is it mentioned that the shipping charge for, "FIRST"product will be 24$ and for, "SECOND PRODUCT" $.So the explanation for shipping charge is very misleading.Also according to my receipt the wrong product which they have send me is listed as the first product.So even if we go according to their logic they should refund 24$ as shipping charge from India to me.I asked them about this and they said that they will only return 8$.Please check the photos I uploaded to know more about the conversation I carried out with them.Again, chosing them to shop with is similar to supporting an emotionless criminal.

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  • Fu
      20th of Mar, 2019

    I wish I read these review sooner before ordering from this [censored] company. Who seems to this they are very clever with ouster clause posted on their shiity website. PLEASE READ. Anyone seriously considering to purchase from this company please REFRAIN!
    This company is an absolute SCAM!!!
    Firstly it took them 2 & half months just to get the dress stitched and sent to myself afters there delivery guidelines state otherwise! Further to this they did not even have the decency to info me of this I had to be in touch myself for this very update they should have provided me with where they was any delays. Shoddy material quality of the suit leaves me in real disgust that I purchased something of £62 and received something that isn't even worth a penny. PLEASE do not be fooled by the deception of images posted on their website !! Do not make the same mistake I did of purchasing of this website and receiving something completely different. They is NOT anything INSPIRED buy what they actually send you. It's all a scam to lure people to buying there crappy suits which looking nothing like what you see in the images. They can easily post ORIGINAL picture of the suits they actually sell but choose not to as they are aware no one will buy them otherwise.

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