Facey Medical Group / medical malpractice by Dr. Victor Zucker

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In August 2015 my wife had strong abdominal pain, i took her to Facey Medical Group (urgent care) for diagnose/treatment. The attending physician is Dr. Victor Zucker. The medical staff take X-ray, EKG for the doctor to diagnose what the cause of her symptoms. Her discomfort occurred more than three days. As i was describing to the doctor where the pain was, in clear English and indicating different part of her discomfort all the while he was exam her with the stethoscope. He prescribe Prevacid for heartburn. Over night her condition got worse and she was restless. I took her Providence Holycross urgent care. Dr. Wu examin her and i explain to him all the details. He immediately, believed it to be gall stone, but need more tests to confirm his diagnosis. Sure enough it is gall stone and she have to stay over night for surgery the next day.
The worse experience out of this i paid the rest of my money for an incompetent doctor who misdiagnose and mistreat the medical problem of my wife and blame it on my wife for not describing clear enough.

Nov 29, 2016

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