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i emailed them numerous times to get refunded from them for the reason they, as a b2b site, state they review members which is not so most of the members sell counterfeits such as varnita vishnu.

i have prints and emails from members that are selling fakes which is prohibited on there site. all they as you is to upgrade there membership. i do have emails stating if no refund is given to me i will report them.

you can email me @ [protected] I will be happy to send emails exchanged. the only way to contact them is by email not even a number to call them. they should be accountable for there actions. only after a few emails they suspended varnita design shows their guilt.

“Owner/Main Contact:
Registered Address(line1): HOUGANG CENTRAL POST OFFICE PO BOX 016
Registered Country: SG
Registered Postalcode: 915301″

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  • Ab
      Jul 12, 2018

    Singapore Exporters is a very shady operation, like most B2B Websites generally. Their only goal is usually to collect as many fees as possible. Singapore Exporters markets safety and security for buyers and pitches a specific Company as the world leader to verify businesses. This "world leader" is a company registered in Taiwan with Telemarketers calling anonymously from a Skype phone in the Philippines. I assume, its too expensive for the "world leader" to afford regular phone lines and pay people in Taiwan. On top of that, their buying leads are mostly complete fakes which they very likely set up themselves. Website Traffic is basically non existant and when asked about their monthly traffic stats they refuse to answer. Recommendation: Avoid and spend your money somewhere else.

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  • Ne
      Jun 28, 2019 are scam artists. Denying authentication of genuine paying companies re charging for re authentication with a delay of 2 weeks which means another months payment will go out. No customer service tel Number. Ridiculous reason to deny a company authentication because we transfer phone line to our handsets after office hours and weekends so don’t miss customer calls! Apparently their rules don’t allow transferable tel lines. Most companies posting on there are fake with gmail accounts and no contact tel no’s!! Not a single valid contact made after money spent on membership as they’re all fake.

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  • Ne
      Jun 28, 2019

    Beware do not buy their paid membership

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  • Ne
      Jun 28, 2019

    They call you on skype systems and do not accept that people cannot sit in their office 24/7 and have systems where calls are transferred to handsets and use this as an excuse to get more money out of you .. beware ..they’re world leaders in scamming

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  • Pr
      Sep 16, 2019


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  • Le
      Oct 07, 2019

    Est ce que sur leurs site on peux trouver des clients, je suis une société de commerce internationale spécialisé dans l'agroalimentaire, produits alimentaires et fruits OU toutes les demande d'achat sont fake?

    je n'effectue pas l'abonnement ?

    merci beaucoup

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