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Exotic Image Gym / Horrible gym and horrible owner

1 Reseda BoulevardNorthridge, CA, United States Review updated:

Stay away from Exotic Image Gym, the dangerous products, Unleashed and A.M pills and P.M. Pills, all created by the psycho owner, Ramin Saberzadeh.
Ramin Saberzadeh is a demented, sadistic, greedy, severely perverted, shallow guy who owns the gym, Exotic Image Gym, and has developed the very hazardous products (he falsely calls them "supplements and appetite suppressants"), which in reality, are dangerous chemicals that have adverse and harmful effects on the human body and cause strokes in people.
Ramin Saberzadeh is merciless, greedy, cruel, perverted man who cares nothing about his clients. His only goal is to demand all monies up front, get paid, and then abuse his clients when they go to his gym to work out. Even his clients are psychotic and have a pack mentality. For instance, he has people there that are rude, selfish, run in clicks, ignore those who are not in their clicks and who refuse to kowtow to their lies and manipulations. They give workout a bad name. They make it difficult for other people to just go there and work out and be left in peace. And the owner, Ramin Saberzadeh, is so cruel and vicious, so loves conflict, that he actually encourages and enables the horrible behavior of his clients toward the other innocent clients, so that there is always strife and battles in that gym. This is the worst gym to go to. There is absolutely nothing professional or right with this gym or it's owner or the bully clients who go there and bully others. And please, please do not ever purchase or consume the private label chemical toxins called: Unleashed or A.M. Pills or P.M. Pills. If you buy and consume these products, you're asking for a stroke and other harm. The owner is a bully who uses mind games to mistreat the clients who refuse to bend to his overbearing ego. Other clients who stroke and compliment him are left alone. But if a client cannot or will not take extra time, every single day, to continually text him mad compliment him and stroke his ego, that clients will be ostracized in the gym and Ramin Saberzadeh will allow the other customers to abuse and insult that client and victimize him or her until he leaves and loses all of the money that was paid up front. This is one of Ramin Saberzadeh's many scams. This is, by far, the worst gym and his products are, by far, the most dangerous. And the treatment and abuse are, by far, the very most traumatic and worst ever. Skip and avoid this abusive gym and the hazardous products. Ignore the phony good reviews on Yelp. Those reviews are all totally false and submitted by the favored clients who are having sexual relations with the owner and have been paid to post those fake reviews. Take from us, former clients and victims, who know, first hand, how horrible the gym is and who know about the poisons in the owner's products.

Aug 5, 2015
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  • Mi
      24th of Nov, 2018
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    Run away from this place. Do not believe Ramin who pretend to be a “professional trainer “. He’s a liar, cruel, greedy and rude. He doesn’t care about his clients at all. He cares ONLY about money. You must pay him in front thousands of dollars and you get absolutely nothing back in this place. He’s a big time scammer ! His horrible language and behavior scare people... First, he would demend them to give him a good yelp review, then, he will yell at them and get upset with them. He makes people cry. Big time abuser. The gym is dirty and always smells bad. He makes his client buy the unleash powder that can harm them big time. Again, all he cares is about MONEY. He sits all day and make fun of his clients. Call them “fat big ass”... All he does is gossip, make people cry, yell, curse, complain about his bad ex wife, and abuse his clients. I do not believe any of the good review he has on yelp.

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