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For Immediate Release - Mark Beshara Scam Revealed!

September 20, 2017 - I was looking for a better source for opportunity seeker mailing lists and I ran across Mark Beshara of [protected] [protected] His best list is called his “custom list” which he was charging a crazy price of $300 per 1000. In the list world, that’s a scam in itself. But it gets worse...

I usually try to test out a source’s best names, so after some price negotiation, we settled on $200/M. Of course, I tried to do my due diligence and I asked him a lot of questions. His answers were shady at best. Having 30 years of list buying experience under my belt, some red flags went up. I suspected he was just brokering lists, but he assured me that was not the case. He said he had “analysts” who did some special selects and computations that graded the names in a special way.

He would only accept cash or a money order, so I knew I would never see that money again. And that turned out to be 100% true. The only way to know for sure if the list was any good was to test it.

That’s exactly what I did. And the results were a big fat goose egg. Nothing, nada, zilch, zero. The only test I did which was worse was a list I tested from Exact Data. Actually, the results were “exactly” the same, so I knew that was where he got the list from (which he pretty much confirmed on the phone).

He was just buying a very cheap list from Exact Data and reselling it as the best in the world. The old switcheroo - the oldest scam in the book. Some people call it the “bait and switch”.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a list from Mark Beshara at! You’ll pay top dollar for the worst list on the planet. And when you confront him about it, he’ll start blaming it on your offer or other things. By the way, I did a split test at the same time with a much cheaper list/same exact offer and the other test pulled a pretty good response.

And... don’t get me wrong - I don’t usually complain about bad results. What I do complain about is NO results. When I get absolutely no results on a good offer, I know the list was bad - or should I say, total JUNK. Mark Beshara’s lists are nothing more than compilations straight out of the phone book and census data.

If you have been scammed by this company, please contact the FBI internet crimes division and file a report today at

Sep 25, 2017

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