Everest Business FundingBeware... Unscrupulous & devious

R Mar 07, 2017 Review updated:

Took a predatory merchant advance with Fast Business Capital which then switched to Everest Business Funding. Borrowed $ 30, 00 and paid back almost $ 60, 000 but we were desperate and well aware of this. Had a family tragedy and business owners out of office during this time and one account got messed up. Requested Everest switch accounts for withdrawals which they would NOT do. Finally got back on track and in fall of 2015, counted all payments and realized they were paid in full and requested my bank to stop further withdrawals. Heard from Everest that I was missing one payment and I mailed check to office address I found on line. Didn't hear from them for few weeks but then got telephone call from private investigator representing Recovery Services in Illinois who threatened me that he was coming to my personal home to see what personal assets he could attach for Everest's money - now $ 10, 000.00. Next I heard, numerous times, from a Mr. Slater also requesting same amount.. told him I would pay $ 2, 000.00 for stopping payment but not accepted. Now we are being sued in New York Supreme Court by NY Asset Capital for this mess with Everest Funding.
How many names and businesses does Everest Funding have? Seems like they have taken advantage of many just like they did us.


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