Erickson Pools / Rip offs, poor workmanship, thiefs

1 Frisco, TX, US
Contact information:
Phone: 241-0275

This company under the guindance of Dan Lowe, President, built our family pool, not only was the construction process terrible it appeared that the sub contractors he used were of the lower end in quality and were always complaining about Mr. Lowe being slow pay.
Well now we have several warranty issues with the pool after only 6 months and come to find out that Mr. Lowe not only did not pay the sub contractors on our job but he also closed his door and simply said he was going to California until the business picked up again, now I have unpaid subs who will not warranty their work because they were not paid (cannot blame them for that), I contacted the parent franchise company in Florida only to get a call from Nils Erickson, the owner to advise me that he had also recently filed a bankruptcy on the entire group. So it seems Mr. Lowe has left us high and dry and without recourse, what is even worse is that his record at the BBB is clear, why? they said they do not accept complaints on defunct companies and so no entry can be made about them.

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