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I have moved into Emerald Pointe Apartments in Harvey Louisiana owned by O'brien Realty Group and the apt complex is being accessed throught their other property Summerfield Apartments also located in Harvey Louisiana. All tenants upon moving into the apartment complex were told there would be cable internet and home phone service provided thru COX or ATT. After signing a lease and moving into the apartment we found out that we have no access to cable internet or home phone because the apartment management did not contact COX or ATT to have the apartments servcices before move in by tenants. We are now not able to have any kind of internet home phone or cable service at the complex and are stuck in a lease since they claim they are not responsible for the cox and att within the lease. I have an 86 year old neighbor who has had two strokes and need to have a home phone for her Lifeline Medical Alert Service incase of an emergency since she lives alone. When we asked if we could temporarily get service thru another provider such as Direct TV we were told that that is not allowed and we would have to wait until they get the service thru COX which could take up to two months. I am a student who has online classes I also work 50% from home and need a home phone and internet access to do my work. I explained this to them when I moved in and was told by the leasing agent that these services were available. We were also told we would have intrusion alarms that would contact a monitoring service but that is also not available since there is no home phone to call the monitoring service. We have no way to receive information on weather alerts such as tornado warning sor severe weather heading in our direction. No phone service to contact emergency personnel. We found that the only company we would be able to get service with was Direct TV until the apartment somehow had the service with COX fixed but when I wold the office about an opportunity for we the tenants to have some kind of home phone service thru Direct TV we were told that we could not use that service because it was not asthetically pleasing to the apartment complex. So even with finding a temporary outlet for us to have service we are not allowed to. I have tried on several occasions to contact the O'Brien Realty Group but the will not return any of our calls. And when I have called the office to speak to the Regional onsite Property Manager I was told that there was nothing else she could do for us and I was no longer allowed to call the office to speak to her and any other contact would have to be submitted in writing. We've also had to deal with unacceptable work being done in the apartment. Since we have moved in the tenants below me have had water leaking into there apartment from under ground destoying their furniture which seems to have something to do with the foundation. They have also had water leaking in thru their windows. On the day of my move in I had water pouring thru my windows into my apartment going down the walls. These
apartments are just being reopened since Hurricane Katrina and a lot of the tenants are just moving back and coming home to these conditions. It seems as though the O'Brien Realty Group is just in a rush to get these apartments opened and people moved in without caring about the condition in which the tenants have to live in these apartments.

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  • Fu
      Oct 03, 2013

    Hi, do you still live here? How are the conditions now? Parking? Safety? We are looking to move in soon...

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