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eFashion Solutions / Terrible service!

1 United States Review updated:

I have never in my life experienced customer service as bad as this. Since placing my order on the 19th (express delivery) of November, i haven't received anything but the run around from the ignorant [censored]es in the order department of efashion solutions on behalf of Every time a call is placed for the status of my order i'm being told something different. It has gotten to the point where efashions is blaming usps and usps is blaming efashions. That has nothing to do with me. It's now December and i'm still without my i'm asking for my money back on items that i never received and getting the run around with that!!! People are telling you things just to get you off the phone and you have to call back and explain the situation again to someone else that's unable to help. A guy named alexis even told me that they completed the transaction because they charged my card despite me never receiving my item and refused to listen when i told him that until i receive my product the transaction has not been completed. I am very furious with the way things have been handled with this company and it's very unfortunate that babyphat has a company with such terrible customer service handling their, three items that i really wanted are no longer of interest to me due to efashion's terrible service.

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  • Pa
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    eFashion Solutions - Horrible service!
    eFashion Solutions
    United States

    Even though Jackie's complaints against efashion solutions are a year old now, I agree with her 50000%! efashion solutions is unresponsive, careless, hurtful and insulting! I had a stroke in Dec. '06, and my left side remains partially paralyzed (this factors in, bear with me). I'm typing this with the index finger of my right hand. Anyway, even though my finances are in turmoil I "splurged" on a babyphat watch and earrings for my daughter. The earrings were $24.00 and the sale price of the watch at the time I ordered it was $94.99 (it's since been marked down again). ANYway, my order arrived--the $24.00 earrings came in their own sealed plastic bag, while I found the $95.00 watch lying at the bottom of the box--no case, no plastic bag protecting it--nothing!! I was heartbroken. It appears to be in one piece and (hopefully) runs but that isn't the point to me. Even GARBAGE gets bagged, but the gift I was so excited about giving didn't even get that much respect. You bet I emailed them! This was a week ago... of course they didn't respond. I'm emotionally drained, so yesterday (12/20) I emailed efashions telling them that if I end up needing to file a complaint with the BBB (for their unresponsiveness if nothing else) I'd wait until after Christmas . I explained again how my order was received and why it's so upsetting. I received an email from them last night (get this) telling me that my email put a smile on their faces and they're happy I'm pleased with their service!!! They obviously didn't even read my email! If anyone can possibly avoid dealing with efashion solutions--AVOID THEM! They do babyphat and consumers a HUGE disservice!

  • Pa
      22nd of Dec, 2007
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    First, I apologize to readers that my complaint shows up so many times. I wanted to be sure it showed up in all the necessary categories, not realizing they'd show up on the same "main" page. At any rate, I filed a complaint last night with the BBB in Trenton, NJ--you can do this online and I recommend it. When I emailed them complaining about their message to me, telling me my email "put a smile on our faces" I received in response (1) a duplicate of the email and a little later (2) an email from a rep. who actually provided her name, telling me that eFashion Solutions appreciates all of their customers "and the jesters" and thanking me for my email and support! That was the final straw for me. Never in my life have I heard of a "service" company picking and choosing which complaints to take seriously and which customers to mock. Filing an online complaint with the BBB is quick and easy--eFashion Solutions has apparently been in business since 2001 and a member of the BBB only since March of 2006. Save your blood pressure and don't let them hurt you. The saga continues... Pam!

  • Ru
      2nd of Jan, 2008
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    I 100% agree - the exact same thing has happened to me. Also receiving the "thank you for putting a smile on our faces" email after I sent them numerous complaints.

    I cannot believe that service would be this terrible !

  • Ka
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    e Fashion Solutions are a defrauding company and be very careful- if you live outside of USA and placing an order with your credit card they will not process your order until you send by fax a copy of a government ID prooving who you are like Drivers lisence and Passport which is current - If you do not provide these two IDs they will not ship goods or process order through your bank

    Do remember goods are originate from China all government ID could end up being sold on the black market - I refused to send any copy and I did file complaint with Economic Crime on line
    Further more same jeans can be bought at a much lower price by other provider without any hassel

  • La
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    I wish I'd read this before placing my order with efashion soloutions i ordered a bag from on the 16th January 2008 and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I've not received anything confirming dispatch of the item all i received was an invoice and i am seriously thinking of threatening them with legal action if my product hasn't arrived within the 35 days notice.

    I am so ANGRY and the customer service hasn't been helpful at all they just keep giving you numbers to call which probably cost a bomb and I'm not calling them because for an international call it will cost even more.

    Seriously angry about this. Wonder if you can get a petitiion or something eh?


  • Le
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    I wish i wouldve known about efashion 4 years ago! lol!

    I once ordered something and paid by money order. It was about 300$ worth of stuff, and they claimed they never got my payment.

    I never got my stuff nor did I ever got my money back. I was young then, so I didnt know that I could've gone to the bank to see if I could get the money back from them.

    The same thing happened to a friend of mine in california. Paid with money order and never received her stuff!

    But recently my bf got me something from babyphat with a credit card and he received it. We even tried to exchange it for a smaller size (which they didnt have) and they credit his card back.

    But still im weary of buying anything from them now, Id rather go to dr. jays... or somewhere else.

  • Fr
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    I have had good experiences with eFashion Solutions. Their customer service was helpful when I called in inquire about an email I received stating that my order had been placed on hold. The reason this was done was because I was shipping to a different state and they wanted to make sure that I was aware of the situation. They also let me know that the number I had provided didn't match to the bill-to information on file with the credit card company. This I thought was great because they asked me to verify the information for verifcation.
    I think that their process for verification is great, because they are making sure that there isn't anyone using a stolen credit card.

  • Ze
      21st of Mar, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I had a great shopping experience with efashion solutions.. their reps are so courteous and professional. my package was lost in transit and even though i had to wait for the tracer they made sure to keep me informed of what was happenening with follow up calls and emails .. afterthe tracer was done they expedited my shipping so that i could have my package. I will continue to shop with them because i love their brands and their service

  • De
      31st of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Im outraged and every dissapointed I paid fair and this is what I get bad customer service giving me the run around what is this ?more than $1, 200 dollars worth of stuff is big a deal Im so surprised I've encountered problem with them this year why ? I never receive none of my items NOTHING not even a piece of thread what is going on? I think they should change their crediting policy and offer a descent realiable shipping methods they can track easilly but NO! I have to wait for heck of 2 weeks for them to supply me information to as why my items were lost in transit and yes my address is correct and no Guam is not located in guatemala and why would it get there in the first place ?It's because they're dumb ? or probably they're not doing they're job well! Im angry I don't know who to blame USPS or THEM! Literally BOTH Efashions solutions.

  • As
      12th of May, 2008
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    I placed an order with efashions Rocawear department on Thursaday May 8th 2008 and then the following day I received a email saying my order had been palced on hold.

    I called the customer service department right after I received the email but no one in the customer service department ever put the call through, so I followed up on Saturday and I managed to reach someone in custom service who was very honest and helpful and put my information through to the approval department.

    I received an email shortly after on Saturday saying that my information was with the Approval Department but since Saturday I have not received nothing as yet. I am so very upset that it's taking so long.

    I dont think i'll ever purchase from them again because the hassle is just not worth it.

  • St
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    I have had a problem with eFashion Solutions in regard to purchases from the Playboy Store. I ordered a special edition magazine and sent my check. Not hearing from then in over three weeks, I called. They stated that they NEVER received my check. About two weeks later, I received the check, from eFashion Solutions (in their fancy envelope) with a note that I didn't add shipping. The ad never specified any shipping cahage, just to send check for $8.99. So, I sent a second check for $ 8.99. About three weeks later I received a call (voice mail) from eFashion Solutions customer service regarding my order. I called back twice and my phone call was never returned by the approriate person. Still waiting. The previous "agent" for the playboy Store usually sent items to me within 7-10 days after I sent the check, not even waiting for it to clear. I am VERY dissatisfied with eFashion Solutions period.

  • Aw
      25th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    These people Suck They should not be trusted with anything, any product, anytime. 2/3 my order was canceled and i was charged for shipping everything when i called they said it was automatic and they could do nothing about it.

    I Am not the type to get upset
    But There Negligence Enrages Me to The Core

  • Je
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi, thanks very much to everyone who posted here. I recently placed an order with Orange County Choppers which is handled by the wonderful eFashion Solutions. I received an email soon afterwards telling me that my credit card could not be verified (it's an irish credit card) and that my order was on hold. They told me in order to verify it i needed to copy my credit card front and back and also my passport and email it to them. I, of course not happy with this suggested i pay via paypal as my credit card is verified through this and so is my billing address. I explained that what i had bought was a present and i was eager to get this matter sorted.

    Despite them telling me that my order would be cancelled if I had not contacted them within 72hrs they have not yet gotten back to me, almost a week later.

    Suffice to say I do NOT recommend this company and I will be contacting OCC to tell them about this also. I recommend anyone who has had issues with them, contact the company you were intending on purchasing from.

    This company is a joke.

  • Pr
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    I ordered a pair of pants from Vince who uses eFashionSolutions. I returned the pants via mail service 2 months ago. No refund has been posted to my account. I contacted them several times through email but have never received a reply. Do not buy from stores that use eFashionSolutions as their payment portal and let the company know that they should not be doing business with them, isolated incidents happen but there are just too many complaints about this company that involve horrible customer service.

  • Ma
      8th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have to say I disagree with all of these negative posts. I purchase from eFashion Solutions all the time and always get my items (I buy from BabyPhat, Rocawear and Mandee) quickly and in great shape. One time I had an issue with my order being placed on hold, I called and they informed me of an out of stock issue that came from them sending some products back to their vendors (?). They credited that one item, sent the rest of the order on express (free upgrade to my shipping) and based on my history with them, included a $25 giftcard for my troubles. While it took them a little time to gather all the information, they were friendly and apparently eager to solve my problem.

    I have had fewer problems with eFashions than Amazon!

  • De
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I would like to agree. I ordered items in early July. While the order went fine it was missing one item. I have now been waiting over 2 months for them to refund the money for the item that was not in stock. Everytime I call I get a different answer letting me know it will be another 2- 3- 6 weeks -whatever it is on that date. The refund was originally due to me at the end of August- now 2 weeks into September and I am still waiting. No one will respond to my emails. The last call I made I was told that the refund had been sent- that was August 27th, when I asked why I had not rec'd it I was told that it takes 4-6 weeks for it to get to me. Why would mailing a check take 4-6 weeks to be delivered.
    The pathetic customer service reps there are nothing but liars trying to get you off of the phone. The next time I want to buy my child Rocawear- I will avoid these people like the plague.

    Again- I am still out my money- who knows when I will get it.

  • Sh
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    they also power the playboy store and ripped me off bad!!!

  • Sh
      15th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also order earrings from e fashion solutions -via the play boy store.They cashed my money order and never sent me the earrings.First they said they lost the money order, then they found my money order but earrings were no longer in stock.They were to refund me my money and never did.I called several times and each time I was told::: I am holding your check right here and will get it in the mail to you. It never came.That was last July.Do not order anything from any company powered by e fashion solutions.Its not worth the aggravation of being lied to over and over again just to get your money back.They are a ripp off / poorly run company! I'm just glad I used a money order and not a credit card!!! You would think Hugh Hefner wouldn't want his costumers ripped off but apparently he dose not care.

  • Rc
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes
    efashions solutions - Terrible service!
    efashions solutions
    New Jersey
    United States

    I brought of a ROCA WEAR Nylon Vest and I notice that the logo on the back was missing letters. I ship it back the same day for an exchange. 4 days goes by and I decided to give them a call. When speaking to the first consumer service person he hangs up on me before I can really start talking about my problem. I called the second time and a woman told me that the computers were down and I should call back in 20 mins. Therefore, I give them an hour. After calling for the third time. I wanted to speak to a supervisor. The costumer service person was much hesitated. After waiting 5 to 10 mins on hold. I got the supervisor on the phone. We inform me that the computers were still down and he will give me a call back when they are up. In addition, noted that he leaves at 8pm so after 8 there is nothing he can do. What a rip off. AVOID THEM! They do ROCA WEAR and consumers a HUGE disservice!

  • Yo
      18th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Please ANYONE who says anything positive about this company probably works there and just HAS to say it.

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