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Adam Edelstein is a fat, disgusting, diseased, bald, rat-like Jew who always has spit or food dangling from his mouth like Jabba The Hutt in the Star Wars Trilogy, only much more fat, hideous and grotesque.

His skin is peeling all over his hands, face and neck because the flesh eating karmic bacteria of Satan are no doubt eating him alive for being the immoral bottom-feeding piece of ### that he is.

He is single handedly responsible for more tragedies in the NY Family Court System than anyone else, and has contributed to the rapes, molestations, murders, and destructions of children everywhere, and their parents, ruthlessly cruel evil nature, with his outlandishly high retainer fees, exorbitant billing, complete and total failures as a lawyer and as a human being, and his love of cocaine, money, and sex rather than his clients, or the law.

The only reason he is working as a lawyer is because his father, and his father before him, actually were family law attorneys but they probably had to do some work at it.

Adam Edelstein however has had everything handed to him in life, he hasn’t really had to work at anything, including obtaining the fried chicken that he is constantly stuffing in his fat diseased mouth.

If you hire this ###, be prepared to be overcharged and your case ignored for years, while the bill keeps going up.

Be prepared to never speak to him personally, only to the Puerto Rican female underlings he has working for him for pennies on the dollar.

And above all, be prepared to both lose your case and be sold up the river, because the only thing that opposing counsel has to do to get Adam Edelstein to sell you out, is to arrange a stripper who gives blowjobs carrying a bucket of fried chicken for his fat traitorous lard ###.

Aug 28, 2014
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  • Do
      Aug 29, 2014

    Get off the fence. Tell us how you really feel!

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  • Ev
      Jun 22, 2015

    This lawyer is useless. He is riding on the success of the Edelstein [censored]enburg law firm name.

    I used him for a divorce case and he made a big stinking mess

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  • An
      Nov 03, 2015

    Total sleazeball. He is happy peddling poor advice for large fees.

    Stay away from him. There are plenty of firms that specialize in only divorce which is where you should go. If you want to lose your money and get screwed then Adam is your best bet.

    The only reason he is working as a lawyer is because his father, and his father before him, actually were family law attorneys but they probably had to do some work at it.

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  • An
      Nov 03, 2015

    Refer to here for another view

    1.0 star
    Posted by a Divorce client
    on Feb 19, 2011
    Worst lawyer ever
    I ended up with the worst divorce agreement. Basic things were left out like health costs and cost of living increases. Nothing was explained to me, such as tax implications. Since the divorce, I have learned so many things that should have been done differently. Do yourself a favor and do not use this lawyer!

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  • Ev
      Nov 24, 2015

    In reference to the comment posted on June 22, 2015, someone posted a negative review of Mr. Edelstein on this web site using my name but whoever it was (in all likelihood it was my former husband) SPELLED MY NAME WRONG, as it is spelled “MLABASATI” not “MLABSATI” so obviously I did post the comment.

    I retained Adam Edelstein to represent me in my divorce. I had a very short marriage with no children and Adam was not only able to complete my divorce quickly, but he successfully obtained a financial settlement on my behalf that I never thought was possible given that I was married for less then one (1) year.

    Most significantly he secured a Jewish Divorce (Get) for me despite the fact that my former husband made securing the “get” extremely difficult because my husband knew how important that was to me as I could not remarried unless he gave me a religious divorce.
    Let me be clear…I was extremely pleased with the representation I received from Adam Edelstein and would highly recommend Mr. Edelstein to anyone seeking a divorce particularly if the matter is a high conflict and contentious divorce.

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  • An
      Dec 19, 2015

    Very troubling experience with this lawyer. Avoid at all costs

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  • Yo
      Jan 05, 2017

    Contrary to the comments posted, Adam is smart, aggressive, and really cares about his clients. As an adversary and Matrimonial Attorney, I can tell you that disputes occur with clients all the time and many times that is because of money. Clients take more time than they need or should. In addition disputes arise because clients testify at hearings or trials horrifically, do not follow advice from Counsel, and then blame their lawyers and sometimes it is just a matter of how things fall into place in the judicial system (the like or dislike of the Judge to the facts of the case). Litigation, in general, has too many moving parts to predict an outcome in large part. However, as President Abe Lincoln stated "A Lawyers time and advice are his stock and trade." Adam is not deceitful and to the contrary he tells his clients "like it is" and despite the fact that he comes from a long line of lawyers, he is a good lawyer on his own merits. All Adam has to offer is his advice and the skills he uses in Court in seeking to help his client further their goals. In fact, most of these on-line complaints are made by the losing spouse or significant other, so potential clients reading these posts should consult with other lawyers as to the reputation of the lawyer and I can tell you first hand (as a competitor Matrimonial Attorney), Adam is a good lawyer and the other lawyers that I know from his firm are good and honest people who care about the results they obtain for their clients. The fact that they want to get paid for working should be nothing strange to anyone who goes to work and seeks to support their family.

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