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So eBillMe was doing a promotion on TigerDirect's site. $25 off $100 purchase when you use eBillMe for the first time. I placed the order on Jan 30th, 2010. I got the eBill and paid it right away hoping to get my item in less than a week.

I checked my orders status 3 days later (Feb 3rd, 2010) and it was still "On Hold", so I called up TigerDirect and they said that the funds haven't gone through yet. Then I called up eBillMe. They said the funds have not gotten to them yet. They said it usually takes 3-7 business days for the funds to transfer over from the bank. Fine I'll check back next week since it could take up to 7 business days for the funds to reach eBillMe.

Finally, late Monday (Feb 8th, 2010) I saw the funds get transferred out of my bank account.
Today, (Feb 9th, 2010) I got a reminder e-mail saying that I still have to pay me eBill.
I quickly called up TigerDirect and they said that they haven't received the funds yet. I just got off
the phone with eBillMe and they said it can take up to another 3 business days for them to transfer the
funds over to TigerDirect. Once TigerDirect receives the funds, they will release my order to be shipped,
which can take another 3-5 business days.

With all those waiting days added up, I probably won't get my item until Feb 17th, 2010 and I blame eBillMe.
If I would have paid via PayPal or Credit Card like I usually do, I would have gotten my item 3 days ago, but because I wanted to save an extra $25, I won't see it until after Valentines day, which was what I bought the item for. So I saved $25 eBillMe promo + $15 bing cash back, but it wasn't worth it. I need that gift by this Friday and I thought 2 weeks would have been plenty, but it wasn't.

I buy from only reputable e-tailers and probably don't need eBillMe to hold my funds for me. There's already something just as bad, PayPal, but that works much better and faster.

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  • Sh
      9th of Feb, 2010


    My name is Sheila James and I am the VP of Operation at eBillme. I am sorry to hear about your experience. If you would like to contact me directly I would be more than happy to look into your problem further and see if we can make sure you get your order asap. I can be reached at sheila.[protected]

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  • To
      10th of Feb, 2010

    Great!!! Now that my order has finally been released from hold, my item is on back order and the ETA is unknown.
    Looks like I'll be getting the item way after Feb 17th like I had hoped for. Thanks eBillMe. Next time, I'll just pay with my debit card, even if you do offer me a $100 coupon code.

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  • To
      16th of Feb, 2010

    Update: order is still on back order.

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  • To
      23rd of Feb, 2010

    My order is now being canceled by TigerDirect because they can't get the back order in on time. Once again, thanks eBillMe...I will never use your service ever again.

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  • Ar
      17th of Jul, 2010

    Ebillme is a good idea, in theory, but only if it were a business that was executed well...I liked the idea of making a purchase online without using my bank information for just anyone to grab a hold of, so I made a purchase online and decided to us ebillme, in which they offered a discount of $5 (ebillme was supposed to send $5 towards my order directly to the vendor, and I was to send the remaining balance). After my purchase, ebillme sent me an email with all the information as to where I send the check. After sending the check, it was cashed by the vendor, yet ebillme never sent the additional discount...a long story short, I had to call both the vendor and ebillme numerous time and play middle man to find out what had happened to my order. I even tried to send an extra $5 to try and hurry the process...I thought the customer reps were pretty rude, on edge, and were quick to accuse me of sending my check to the wrong party and to the wrong account number because they could not find it in their system. Even though my check was cashed by ebillme it was never processed by their system, they never paid the discount, and my order was unable to be shipped. I never received an apology, but instead they did offer a higher discount if I would have increased my order by $15, which doesn't make sense if supposedly I did not have an account on file. If the check was sent to the wrong account then why was it cashed, and then why did the vendor get sent partial payment for my order? In fact, the entire story doesn't make sense...All ends well-They had to send back my check (which had the same account number on them that I had sent my original check to), and after three months I started my order all over again, while using debit...There are too many steps in the process. If one thing goes wrong there are too many thing to keep track of to try and untangle the issues...The reps on ebillme's side were quick to blame, inexperienced with handling customers, and never offered any apology to try an ease to process. Paypal.

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  • Wm
      30th of Jan, 2011
    eBillMe - Slow, no communication
    United States

    I placed an order for almost $2000 with Crutchfield and used eBillme to make the payment. I followed the instructions from eBillme right away, hoping my order would ship within a few days. About 4 days after I submitted the payment, the money has come out of my account and I got a voice mail to call eBillme to confirm that I am authorized to make this payment. I called the number I was given and I got a message that no one could take my call and that I should leave a message and someone would call me back. No one did. I left three messages over the course of a week, STILL no reply. There is no option to speak directly with anyone, only the same voice mailbox. It's now been over a week since I placed the order, Crutchfield hasn't received the payment, neither they nor I can get an answer from eBillme, and my order will not ship. If I had known they would be so unresponsive I never would have used eBillme. I am now at the point of looking into canceling the payment - IF I can get my money back, and paying through my credit card instead.

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  • Ky
      31st of Jan, 2011
    eBillMe - beware of eBillMe scam!!
    United States

    I had purchased 2 x $100 Amazon Gift Cards on 1/25/2011 and got confirmation from eBillMe that they have recieved my payment but no Amazon Gift Cards. I tried to communicate with eBillMe but with no help. I am still waiting for them, I am going to file a complaint with BBB. I will never buy from eBillMe again. People beware for the scam!!!

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  • Jk
      17th of Feb, 2011

    I used eBillme to pay for $3000 of appliances. The money was taken out of my account but they never forwarded it to the merchant. My appliance is pending and I can't get anyone at eBillme to answer their phone or call me back. Chat online doesn't work. I am going to call the BBB as well, but also have the monies pulled back via online transaction. Beware of!

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  • Hu
      14th of May, 2011

    I've used ebillme 3 times and won't use it again. The process adds several days to order processing times, even when you pay your invoice right away. The website does not explain processes well and the FAQ is very lacking. Once "pending" rebates become available, they can only be redeemed in increments of $10 for ecoupons. If it's an ecoupon, why can't we get the full amount in our accounts? I've earned $25 in rebates but can only use $20. The remaining $5 will go unclaimed because (I'm not kidding) I'm never using this service again. One last tip for people who DO choose to use ebillme: use an email address that you plan to keep forever. Your account is linked to an email address and if it changes, your ebillme account will NOT be able to change with it. You'll have to set up a whole new ebillme account, which is not a very user-friendly process. The whole thing is very rinkydink... I wouldn't be surprised if ebillme folds within the year.

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  • Ey
      7th of Jun, 2011

    I just used ebillme for the first and last time. I made a purchase and paid ebillme on 06/02. The funds went through from my bank and were no longer in pending status when I checked my bank account online on 06/03. My bank has a 24-hour policy for sending payment when paying through their online bill pay system, so the payment was sent to ebillme from my bank on 06/03. I kept checking the site where I made the purchase, and it has been in the "processing" stage for days. I just got an email from ebillme (06/07) saying that the payment has been sent to the retailer, so basically it is as if I just placed the order today (5 days after I actually placed the order).

    Using ebillme adds on several days to the processing time, and is SO not worth it, in my opinion. I will NEVER use this service again and will be sure to warn others not to use it either. Paypal offers the same security with instant payment to the retailer/seller. If you don't mind getting your merchandise a week (or more) later than you normally would, then go ahead and use ebillme; otherwise, my advice is to avoid this service.

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  • Di
      25th of Jun, 2011
    eBillMe - Reversed Cash Back Payment
    United States

    I made five gift card purchases from ebillme through a cash back website. I later received the appropriate cash back amount for each transaction. Later, all five of the transactions were reversed, taking my cash back amounts. There was no explanation for any of this. I assumed they would correct the error since it was obvious that I made the transactions because they credited me for each transaction. I was not given any explanation or anything. I have now missed my window of opportunity to question what happened. I'm very disappointed because it should not have happened like this in the first place. ebillme took $12.50 from me!

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  • Eb
      27th of Jun, 2011

    I work with eBillme and we do not take cash back amounts back, once they are allocated they are yours until you use them. It does take time for them to appear in your account.

    Can you please contact support with your information so they can look up your account and help you

    Support @ ebillme . com

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  • Eb
      8th of Jul, 2011

    What a joke!

    I placed an order through a merchant and chose to use eBillMe 6 days ago. My bank verified that they had sent the payment to eBillMe and it was received (and deposited) on their end 3 days ago. For the past 3 days, the merchant reported that they had not yet received any funds from eBillMe. So, today I decided to check in with eBillMe and see what was up. The rep I spoke with claimed that he needed to call me and "ask a few questions" to verify my identity before they would send my money. WTF?

    So, you hold onto my money for 3 days, keep my order waiting with the merchant, and don't even ATTEMPT to contact me with a request for identity information? On top of that, why on earth would you need any more information from me? You have the cash sitting in your account, given to you by my bank, at my request. Now I have to answer to your arbitrary method of determining my order's validity?

    I told the rep to refund my money, and now I'll probably wait a good 7 days before they return it to me. The service is a total waste of time, and with all of these comments complaining about excessive processing time, it smells as if they're running some kind of a short-term investment scam. Basically, they hold our money for as long as they can and make short, low-risk purchases to earn 2-3% (or more) on our money. Great idea, except it's illegal.

    I'll never use the "service" again.

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  • Sc
      15th of Jul, 2011

    I experienced the same thing. It cost me a week's delay :(

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  • Te
      5th of Sep, 2011
    eBillMe - Good concept, but NEVER change your email address!
    Colorado Springs
    United States

    I first heard about this service in an email from CHEF'S Catalog. I had been eyeing this set of knives for a while and was quite excited that, not only were they on sale, I would get $20 "cash back" from Ebillme if I used their payment service! $20 was posted to my Ebillme account.

    I since had to change my email address.

    When I tried to change my email address on Ebillme's site, I couldn't find a place to do so. I chatted with a CSR who told me I would have to open another account with the new email address and that the cash back balance wouldn't transfer. I told him I would keep my old account until I used up the cash back. He didn't offer anything more before we ended our chat.

    After discovering that a coupon would be good for 6 months, I decided to go ahead and "cash it in." I signed in with my old email address and account number, then proceeded to produce a $20 coupon. Instead of generating a printable pop-up, the site indicated that it sent the coupon to my email address (the OLD one, that is)!

    I will never use them again. It's not worth the hassle...or the "free buyer protection." I need to be protected from THEM, not the trusted merchants with whom I have done business in the past! Hopefully, CHEF'S Catalog will consider these complaints before renewing whatever contract they may have with Ebillme. I will be notifying them as well.

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  • Sr
      14th of Nov, 2011

    I made couple of purchases using eBillme and accumulated USD 51 in cashback. Its been more than 4 months and I have not yet received the checks. When you contact them, they say there is a delay but its been so long and there is no communication from them nor my checks!

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  • Di
      14th of Nov, 2011

    I too, had the same problem with them. The communication is just terrible. They act like they don't care and will tell you the same thing over and over without getting to the bottom of what's going on. The good thing I can say and hopefully this will help you ease your nerves, is that I did eventually receive a check from them about five months after I first requested it. As for the cash back they took from me that I wrote about early on, I just gave up on that. I really liked them a lot when I was using them and was very, very disappointed that I couldn't trust them anymore. They're probably doing this to many people (who aren't complaining about it out loud like us). I hope they don't continue to do this to people. It's just not right!

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  • Sr
      17th of Nov, 2011

    What do you know!!! I got my check yesterday!! :) Thanks guys!

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  • Te
      16th of Dec, 2011

    One of the many problems with eBillme is that payments take a long time to transfer and online tracking the payments is non-existent on the eBillme website, you can not simply log onto the eBillme website and find the status of a payment like you can with paypal. Also, there is no formal online system to track disputes, just a blind email address.

    Furthermore; even though eBillme claims to be "A Western Union Company, " you can not make a eBillme payment on–I talked to a Western Union supervisor about this and I was told that eBillme was NOT a part of Western Union.

    eBilleme still has a lot of work to do and is best avoided until they can upgrade their website and offer faster payment transfers, payment status tracking and online dispute tracking.

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  • Wa
      5th of Jan, 2012

    Kinda like changing your email address here on this site. Seems to be impossible.

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