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Dynamic Color Imaging / Deceptive Business Practices

1 2506 Success DriveOdessa, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 727-372-8181

In November of 2008, Faster Graphics was approached by Steve and Gail Hodges who are the owners of Dynamic Color Imaging, who until recently were doing business at 2506 Success Drive, Odessa, FL 33556. Their phone number is [protected]. The Hodges talked us into allowing them to bring out a Xerox 2045 DocuColor printer to our shop on a trial basis for a 90 day period. We were not in the market for another piece of equipment and told them we were not interested repeatedly, but the Hodges kept pressuring to allow them bring out one of their “great” machines. They kept throwing out figures that seemed to make sense and this could have worked for us if the machine was reliable, making money for us, if Dynamic followed through with their agreement to pay off our existing lease on another printer we had in our shop, and if Dynamic followed through with providing supplies and service for the machine as per the lease agreement terms. THEY DID NOT FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEIR AGREEMENT.

When the machine was delivered Mark signed for it under the impression it was a delivery confirmation. Again, the deal was that Faster Graphics would accept the machine on a trial basis for a 90 day period. Mark was not given a copy of the paperwork, and to his detriment, he later found out it was in fact a lease agreement he had actually signed, rather than a delivery confirmation. We are currently paying a monthly lease payment on the Xerox 2045 DocuColor in the amount of $480.00 plus sales tax for a period of 63 months on a piece of equipment we cannot use . The loss in revenue to our company because of the fraudulent and deceptive business practices of Dynamic Color Imaging and the Hodges will be staggering and could potentially put a small business out of business.

Shortly after the machine was delivered, the nightmare began and we were faced with having to place multiple service calls on the printer almost immediately. We were informed by one of Dynamic’s technicians, the machine had close to five million copies on it, when in fact Dynamic told us it had 2.5 million copies on it. The tech also informed us that the machine had many bad parts that would need to be replaced in order to get it in good running condition. Of course, the Hodges did not tell us this prior to delivering the machine, but they certainly should have. Parts and labor would not run cheap for this type of machine. When we called for service, it was impossible to get a live person on the phone. We had to call repeatedly, leaving several messages before anyone would even return our call. Eventually a technician would be sent out to service the machine and it would run for a day or two before breaking down again. Again, we would place a service call, only to be faced with having to wait for days on end before we would even receive the courtesy of a return phone call.

Dynamic Color Imaging deceived us in many ways. First, by failing to disclose the very important fact that we would have to pay Xerox a licensing fee in the amount of approximately $10, 000 annually, in order to use the software that ran the machine. We were completely unaware of this until a Xerox representative visited our shop one day out of the blue and informed us of the licensing fee. There was absolutely nothing in the paperwork Dynamic had us sign disclosing this fact, and it is an important one that we should have been made aware of. XEROX TOLD US THAT DYNAMIC COLOR IMAGING WAS NOT EVEN AUTHORIZED TO SELL XEROX EQUIPMENT!

Secondly, the contract stated that supplies and service were to be included in the lease. The very first time we ran out of toner, we called to order more (again no one would ever answer the phone and we had to leave multiple messages before anyone would return our call). When Gail Hodges finally called us back, we were told they had no more supplies to give us and that they had no money to buy more either. We later found out that a vendor they were buying supplies from in Colorado cut them off for non-payment. The toner and other supplies for this machine are very costly. Now we were faced with another charge that was suppose to be included with the lease of the machine.

Eventually, my husband returned the equipment to Dynamic Color Imaging as it was of no use to us as it continually malfunctioned, and was taking up valuable space in our shop. Although we notified Tygris/USXL US Express Leasing of same, the leasing company is still holding us responsible for paying for the lease and we are in fact paying it. Tygris told us they were sorry about our situation but they were still holding us to the lease, so we're basically screwed. We are currently weighing out all of our options and if we decide to take legal action, we will have to do so in the State of New Jersey as per the lease agreement. WE LIVE IN FLORIDA! You can imagine the costs that would be involved if we choose to do this.

Finally, in addition to the issues we have stated above, as I mentioned earlier, Dynamic promised us $5, 700 to pay off our old machine (as stated in the enclosed lease agreement), and to date, we have only received $2, 500. Gail Hodges says she has no money to pay us. We wonder what they did with all the money they received from all of the leasing companies they were dealing with.

We are aware of approximately 20 other businesses and churches that are in a similar situation, whereby the Hodges promised to pay off their old equipment as part of the deal, but then didn’t. We have heard many nightmare stories from several of their other customers, their old landlord, vendors etc. Some customers never even received the equipment from Dynamic after signing leases, even though many of them are paying for the equipment. Allegedly, Dynamic even turned in the lease agreements to leasing companies and collected the money in some situations but never delivered the customers machines. Despicable! This is a pattern of deception and possibly fraud that we want to bring to the attention of anyone considering doing business with Dynamic Color Imaging, Gail and Steve Hodenes, and any potential customers of Victory Imaging, the new business Gail Hodges started on or around February 19, 2009. Victory Imaging does not currently have a storefront. The address is 8348 Little Road, New Port Richey, FL. This is actually a PO Box in a UPS store. Gail Hodges is currently listed as the President of the company with the Florida Division of Corporations.

We have personally spoken with several of Dynamic Color Imaging’s other victims and through them, Dynamic’s technician and others, we have compiled a list of Dynamics victims. We suspect there are many more than we are currently aware of. On MerchantCircle. com whenever any people that have been victimized by Dynamic Color Imaging leave their complaints, they are being removed as someone does not want others to see how this company has been treating their customers.


Please consider contacting the Attorney General of Florida to file a complaint as we have. We find it encouraging that the Florida State Attrorney has actually forwarded our complaint to their Economic Crime Division for further review. You can file a complaint online at their website.

Also consider contacting the Federal Trade Commission, Florida Consumer Protection Agency, Better Business Bureau etc. We believe if the Attorney General in particular receives enough complaints about this company and its owners, that the matter will be taken much more seriously, as it should be. Gail and Steve Hodges should be held accountable for what they have done to us and so many other businesses!


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  • Jj
      17th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am in a similar situation except the machine is working fine and we are still using it. However, service was a must for the leasing and the salesman, equipment supplier and Tygris all have said they will not honor the service agreement, so they basically stole $9000 from our company. Once this lease is done, we will not be doing any more leases. The leasing industry is full of crooks. If you have problems with your lease at Tygris, go directly to their legal counsel - Gabriel Escobar.

  • Iv
      18th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    My father who is 72 years old and has owned a small business for 21 years without ever having any credit or legal problems is now being sued by Tygris for lease payments. Dynamic Color, Steve and Gail Hodges leased a Xerox copier to my parents with a service warrantee. Within 2 days of delivery the copier was not working. After several service calls and replacement parts, Dynamics was "out of business" within 4 months of delivering the copier. My parents ended up with a carcass taking up space in their shop. Tygris did not want to hear my parents predicament. They demanded payment only. My parents attempted another independent service contract but the cost was extremely high. They were already out over $8000.00 in just 4 months. One technician told them that the machine was not worth more than $500.00 and that it would cost around $5000.00 to have it repaired. My father asked Tygris to repossess the machine and offered them $5000.00 to terminate the lease. After months of phone calls and threats from Tygris, my parents were served with a summons and are now being sued for over $110, 000 for a Xerox machine that worked for a few days only. We have reported this to the State Attorney's office. As Faster Graphics commented, the Hodges have victimized many small businesses in Florida with this scam. These people need to be investigated and exposed, and a company like Tygris needs to also be investigated since they partner with these shady vendors. I hope that someone takes a hard look at these complaints and expose this fraud that continues to victimize small businessess that already are struggling to survive in this economy.

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