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Dri Symantec,Luxembourg,L / Unaurthorised charge of £29.99 on my visa card extra to renewal fee

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I renewed my Symantec Norton security for £39.99 but on recieving my Visa statement I find a charge of £29.99 from Dri Symantec as well.
Who is this company I have not purchased anything but my renewal and have no idea why this has appeared on my statement.
I have informed Barclaycard immediately.
Please let me know what is to happen

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  • Pk
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I also have found an 'unknown' entry of £29.99 on my Master Charge June statement following renewal of my Norton 2 days before that also is listed as Dri Symantec - Did Norton even get it? I wonder as I am now being requested to renew!! I have other unknown entries that Barclays are investigatiing for the same period. Is there a connection I wonder - reads like a giant fraud to me and one I will be advising my bank about. Needless to say I changed my account numbers at once.

  • Ma
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    Mycredit card account has beed debited with NZ$79.99 on the 19/09/2008 and I don't know why. WOuld you pleased advise whatservice this reoates to.
    The entry onthe credit card statement is
    Regards MAlcolm

  • Sa
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    I have alos found out that This company calling itself DRI*SYMANTEC has taken 52.98, after a purchased Norton security for my Desk top.

    Norton security needs to inform its customers of this company before proceeding with the payments but above all if Norton security is in conjuction with this company, then Norton needs to to reimburse its customers its money back that has been taken by this company given the customers were lead to believe that the only payments were to be made only to Norton and not to a second party.

  • Sa
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I thought I had bought an online version of Microsoft Office - but no product code was ever emailed to me - so today I was trying to find DRI and found this site - there is a $176.32 charge on my credit card (which I am disputing with M/C now).
    Vancouver Island

  • No
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    paid £52-98 to dri*symantec its a rip off but thats the last time.

  • Am
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    My mastercard bill states I have a bill from DRI Symantec HP from Luxembourg for $76.01 CAN. I have not purchased this product and I refuse to pay for it. How do I get rid of this?

  • Vi
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    My Bank informed me the other day this company debited over $200 from my checking account and I have NEVER EVER purchased Norton products, or any software online. I have no idea how they got my debit card other than I had recently donated to a charity but even that was through paypal ! Thankfully my bank spotted it as fraudulent activity and froze my accounts immediately. The money has been put back but it's quiet unsettling to see their name in my statement at all regardless of it being a credit !! Watch this company closely because I in no way purchased ANYTHING from them !

  • No
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    Dri Symantec actually ripped me off for £57.98, 3 days before Norton took out my £39.99 renewal fee.
    I informed Barclays who are treating it as fraud. They have changed my card no, which is a bit of a pain but worth it to stop these rip off merchants. Something should be done from the top the banks, presumably alot of their employees must use Norton ? But I won't be anymore

  • By
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    I was rip off too with dri sysmantec thinking that I was purchassing norton
    it was supose to cost me £39.99 so today when I receive my bank statement
    i found that they charge me £67.97
    so £27.98 more and not to norton but to this company that I never heard of.
    I will contact the bank tommorrow and see what I can de and also change my
    card n0.

  • Sh
      30th of Dec, 2009
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    this company put two unauthourized charges on my credit card.

  • Hu
      9th of Jan, 2013
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    On 15 October I bought Horticultural program with word etc.

    Hitherto I could not receive the invoice.

    Hutsebaut Gilbert
    Ancients bounce mouth steenweg 389
    9300 Aalst

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