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I saw the news today talk about Dr. Sharon McQuillan and her stem cell fat transfer procedure so I decided to issue the following warning to the unsuspecting public.
Let me warn you that they talk about fat transfer (that is not FDA regulated) all the time on TV, but what people do not realize is that this procedure is often a big fat scam!
What I believe that many fat transfer doctors will do:
1. They compare photos from different angles to make it look like there was an improvement when there wasn't.
2. They claim that fat is rich in stem cells when only a small percentage is actually stem cells. They apparently get away with this because fat has a higher number of stem cells than other body tissue. Nonetheless, it is a very small number.
3. They probably will not warn you that the fat transfer uses lumps under the skin to cause the volume. Once injected, the fat becomes a pattern of small cysts underneath the skin. They intentionally cause the cysts under the skin to puff out the skin. Skin feel like bubble wrap or tapioca pudding. I got 12 lumps after they did my eyes!
4. Lumps show up through skin most in over head lighting as little mounds that cast small shadows.
5. You will look puffier, not younger!
6. Why do they choose fat transfer as their method of scamming people? Because it is not FDA regulated so they can get away with all this!

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      4th of May, 2012

    Here's a before after photo from Dr. Nathan Newman's patient. I think this really illustrates the fat transfer scam. Here we have a very close up and unflattering before photo compared to a photo taken from farther away with makeup and flattering lighting.
    what a scam!!!
    The photo is from a

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      4th of May, 2012

    here is Mcquillan's before after from ABC news today. I changed it to a black and white line drawing to emphasize how the two photos are from two different angles.

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      28th of May, 2012

    and here is Dr. Mcquillan's photo of her patient

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  • Ag
      25th of Jul, 2012

    Thank-you for helping people to see the truth. I just saw this procedure on CTV news in Montreal, Canada and I immediately had many doubts as to its long-term results & complications. Trying to "erase" wrinkles of age (& wisdom) is not worth the risk of developing hard cysts.

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  • Co
      29th of Apr, 2013

    I agree. I am a former patient of Dr. McQuillan's, and had to spend a lot of time and money to correct the damage she did to me. Any responsible doctor should not be performing a procedure that is not FDA approved. When she extracts the fat to reinject it back into the face, she DOES NOT do anything to "extract stem cells" or even worse to STERLIZE what she has extracted prior to reinjecting it, which sometimes takes places a couple of hoours later. YES, that's right!!! NOT CLEAN AT ALL with a serious risk of infection, not to mention the limps and bumps. Her former partner Dr. Sant Antonio of Weston, FL even killed a couple of patients if that tells you anything about the lack if integrity when it comes to Dr. McQuillan, her staff, and this bogus procedure that quite frankly is dangerous and NOT WORTH IT!

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