Dr. Morris Ritz / Non-consensual surgery

Dr. Morris Ritz performed procedures on my friend that she DID NOT REQUEST. He did this while he was doing something she said "yes" to. He invaded her body, violated her rights, and did what he thought she needed without ASKING HER- ---- His response when she complained... It was for "free"... Wow!! This doctor is in desperate need of psychiatric help and he has badly damaged many women and, instead of owning up to his lies and deceit, he paints the women as "neurotic' --- We mustn't be fooled by any of these surgeons- regardless of their training. Dr. Ritz has all the credentials but a surgeon with a God complex and a dangerous, undiagnosed personality disorder is VERY DANGErous, --- THE "CREDENTIALS" CAN MERELY BE USED AS A COVER OF SO CALLED "RESPECTABILITY" ENABLING THE SURGEON TO SUCK PEOPLE IN.

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