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1 Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

One year ago (3/11) I had plastic surgery – lipo to flanks, abdomen, inner thigh, hip area and buttocks (unconsented) performed by Dr. Lyle Back of Cherry Hill, NJ. Immediately I noticed irregularities – too much fat taken out on left side of body (flanks, butt and inner thigh) compared to right. Also, Dr. Back did something to my butt wherein he created a new/unnatural butt crease which caused my butt to drop and sag. This was never discussed with me nor did I consent to him doing this. Additionally, since the surgery I have an extremely difficult time sitting on hard surfaces – note that the incisions for my butt bleed out for over a month – 3-5 weeks longer than the other surgical sites. I also have daily pain at the lymph area next to the surgical site at the right inner thigh site.

I never consented to have any fat removed from my buttocks. I previously had lipo 8 years ago and wanted only to have a little fat removed from the inner thigh, however, Dr. Back told me that the areas I have done before should all be touched up. Those areas were the inner and outer thigh, hips, flanks and abdomen. I consented to those areas - not my butt!!

I have talked to Dr. Back on several occasions about my concerns. He kept telling me that it could take a year to see the final result. I am not at all happy with the results. My body is completely uneven and my butt is not repairable without extensive scarring. I have sought the opinion of 4 other PS in South Jersey and Philadelphia, all of which note the defects and state that lipo can take care of the abdomen and flanks, however, my butt is deformed. One dr mentioned fat grafting to fill in buttocks crease and the others felt it might make things worse. They all stated he should not have touched my buttocks as this sagging and dropping was likely to happen. I never expected anything to happen to my butt as I did not consent to work being done on my butt. Moreover, I still have large dark scars in the bikini line area which weren’t placed high enough to conceal them.

I have been trying to work with him to correct the problem areas. We had a meeting in which he said he would do the revision lipo and fat grafting to the butt (at the time I was considering fat grafting until I was told it could make it worse than what it is) for no charge to me. Note the only paperwork I have states that for revisions, anesthesia and facility will be charged and dr’s fees may or may not be charged. He had his office manager call me and tell me he now wants to charge me $4200 to fix his mistakes. I paid $7000 already and did not get the benefit of any good work. Now he wants additional money to fix his gross negligence?

Not only was the liposuction disastrous, leaving me with a deformed buttocks which cannot be fixed, along with the need for additional lipo to my abs and flanks, but Dr. Back’s treatment in the handling of my complaint was just plain egregious. Initially he verbally offered to fix all my problems at no to little cost. After our meeting he had his office manager call me back with a quote of over $4, 200. He lied to me. He ruined my butt, the liposuction to the flanks, abdomen and inner thighs is noticeably uneven and I still have large purple scars from over a year ago! Don’t let him treat you.


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