DPauls Divine and DecorHoly business run by crooks

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They previously ran an unsuccessful travel agency by the name of Super Value Holiday, which they closed filing for bankruptcy, SCAMMING many customers out of hard earned money. Currently they are operating a new business under the new name DPauls Divine and Decor - they are trying to copy other well-established businesses. They are not paying taxes - is it primarily a cash business. They entice customers to pay cash by offering them a 5% to 10% discount on purchases.

They have been doing business in the name of God for just a few months and there are a lot of FRUSTRATED, UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS WITH VALID COMPLAINTS. A friend of mine bought a 'rudraksha mala' from them. When the 'mala' broke with-in a week, he wanted to confirm that it was genuine and not a fake before going in for an exchange. Guess what, the 'mala' turned out to be a FAKE.

I put down a $50 deposit towards a statue that I said I would pick up within 2 weeks. When I returned in 2 weeks to pick up my statue they told me the statue was sold. When I asked for my money back, a huge heated argument started and the father and son started YELLING AND SCREAMING at me. The son THREATENED TO GET PHYSICAL with me, if I didn't leave the store.

They are basically new from India masquerading an ILLEGAL MONEY LAUNDERING BUSINESS as a "holy" business. They use "black money" to purchase inventory in India and ship to Toronto to sell to unsuspecting customers. Money laundering is a SERIOUS CRIME in Canada. When the CRA and the police come knocking on their door to recover the money, I'm afraid anyone who purchased items from their store will to required to return the items and/or pay fines for participating in this MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME.

They live with the false pretense that the customers, the police and the Canadian government are fools and that they will never get caught. These people already had a bad rep in the Sikh community for scamming people and now conducting a money laundering business, they are developing a bad rep in society - I would never step into their store again, would not want to be associated with these people in any way. I hope the police shut these people down. I have already filed a complaint about how they are conducting business to the CRA and the police.

Dec 19, 2014
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  • Nb
      Dec 23, 2014

    Really interesting to see this complaint because I had a similar experience at Dpauls Divine and Decor.

    They are very keen on just selling something to you. They are just there to take your money. Most, if not all the items there are CRAP at best. Dpauls Divine and Decor specializes in CRAP it seems!

    I was looking for a temple as a gift. I wanted something with doors, they didn't have anything with doors. A guy wearing a turban named Harry (probably the owner's son) tried to sell me a temple without doors and told me I can put a few nails in there and hang a curtain. He assured me the temple was made of solid wood so the nails will hold up.

    It was dirt cheap so I bought it.

    When I brought it home I tried to put nails in it, the "wood" cracked! Literally, just one nail and the temple was falling apart! It turns out the temple was NOT made of solid wood, it was chip-board or ply-wood, some really CHEAP CRAP NOT SUITABLE TO PLACE STATUES IN!

    The next day I took it back for a refund. I spoke with Harry, and he denied every saying putting nails in it. I was completely shocked!

    NOT ONLY THE ITEMS THEY SELL ARE CRAP, BUT THEY ARE LIARS. They didn't give my money back and I didn't want to exchange one crap for another crap from their store so I an now left with GARBAGE that I can not use nor gift to anyone.

    WORST STORE, WORST PRODUCTS, WORST SERVICE! STAY AWAY...not worth the headache and the risk!

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  • Su
      Jan 03, 2015

    I bought a few CDs from Dpauls Divine and Decor over few days. It was such a TERRIBLE experience.

    Most of the CDs stopped working after playing it 3-4 times. I didn't bother going back for refund because the CDs were roughly $2 and they didn't charge me tax.

    I don't know if this is possible, but they maybe selling defective CDs so that the customers go back for another CD. It's a very bad business practice.

    I won't be going back their again!

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  • Mi
      Apr 24, 2015

    Its funny how S.Reddy from France, N.Bhatt from Germany and Sunita65 from France all outside Toronto and even Canada have comments that are not only unsupportive but also contradictory to what general masses believe. "Supervalue Holidays got banckrupt" comment itself made me realize that competitors would go an extra mile to try to defame D.Pauls because now the competitors cannot charge exorbitant for an article that costs few dollars. I would like to ask how the competitors could come up with such hoax and crazy story. D.Pauls has honestly educated the customers that store owners have been charging really high, misusing their customer trust and innocence. D.Pauls is one such place where one can be comfortable that despite what its competitors who may create as many fake German or French accounts as they have free time, the customers would be respected and offered articles for what they should be at a reasonable price - thus, wide popularity of D.Pauls within a span of a year. I recommend people to check out their store and themselves realize why their competitors are using fake comments and accounts to try to defame them. You will see fantastic friendly customer service with reasonable pricing as opposed to really high prices.

    I have personally checked their competitors whether be adjacent to them or a block away in nilgiri plaza who hardly have variety but charge really high prices. Dear Customers, my advice, dont believe everything your read but check out the location once. Doing so would make you laugh at comments like above realizing how desperate competitors get when they misuse customer trust and faith since they want to charge $50 for something that should not be sold for more than $10. D.Pauls educated me this.

    For their competitors, you should have created fake toronto accounts and any competitor adjacent to D.Pauls, I have been been to your store and I know above comments have been written by you because you have free time waiting and counting customer flow that comes out of D.Pauls. For you, all I have to say "laughing" - Tough luck!!

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  • Ri
      May 02, 2015

    I agree with the comment of "minhas" who has so convincingly proved the point that all the above posted comments are absolutely fake and are not genuine. I have visited their shop in person and have found their products of superb quality with astonishingly low prices !
    As a consumer i felt that the original comment by "S.Reddy" was untrue and i have never had such an experience with them although i have visited many times and was more than satisfied always. On the flipside, i have recommended their shop to many of my friends and colleagues. The family that runs this store are very hardworking and are always welcoming. Their style of letting their shoppers shop and having all the genuine knowledge of each and every product kept on their shelf is very admirable. Their prompt response and honesty are a plus point which makes their shop a regular visit by me.

    In the end i would say to the owners that dont feel disheartened with these fake complains and keep up the good work guys, you all are doing a great job !!! Cheers :)

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  • Va
      May 26, 2015
    Best Best Advice

    I used to shop here till I realized they are scamming people by claiming to offer low prices. They are raising prices on everything.

    Before they were selling roses for $0.75 now they've increased it to the same price as everywhere else. They were selling flowers 8 for $1, now they've increased it to the same price as everywhere else. It's like they try to lure customer with the false pretense of low prices, once the customers start coming they start raising prices.

    Their prices are not low, their items are not good. It's the same stuff everywhere. Don't waste your time here folk!

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  • Pi
      May 27, 2015

    i buying small idol from dpaul in february for $30. i go buying same idol from dpaul in april but now price $40. i say to young man why price going up before i pay $30 now you asking $40. young man say you no remember price you old man you forget price. then he say us dollar going up so price gong up. if you want old price go talk to Obama. the old man say i open store april 17 2014 price no change but i see idol price going up, flower price going up now everything very costly at dpaul.
    i very confused by all this they not buy goods in us dollars then why price going up. this is very bad. i no like people cheating me like this. not good.
    sorry for bad english i coming new from sri lanka to canada

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  • Sn
      Jun 05, 2015

    I am working with one of Canada's bank. I want to share my experience in dealing with these strange people.
    These people came to us seeking our payment machine for processing card payments etc. As per our policy we must do credit history checks for requests of this nature. When we did credit check, the results were not good. I decided to call them to let them know their application was being rejected because it does not meet the criteria. I called the father, [name edited by moderator], and explained the situation, he didn't seem to understand. As per standard procedure, we also mailed them a 'declined' letter. Few days later I got a call from the son, [name edited by moderator], asking why their application was rejected. I explained the situation, but the son did not want to listen. He said you are Indian, I am Indian, you should help us out. I explained there is nothing I can do, it's the bank policy. I can't change that. The son became very upset and in very aggressive tone said, I AM LAWYER. I WILL SUE YOU!

    I hung up the phone, thinking, how can a tiny new business sue a bank for following policy and procedures. I followed up with our legal department regarding this and they all laughed. I found these people to be very rude, arrogant and ignorant. I believe now people are finding out that these people are full of crap and telling the masses about it via this medium, so these DPaul people are using faking account like 'minhas1' to bash competitors. It's pathetic!

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  • Su
      Jun 11, 2015

    I went to their store and old the owners about these comments and how people are critiquing their store and all they had to say was - it's business. Once you succeed, others lose and te losers have nothing better I do than write fake comments by fake accounts. I verified minhas comment about French and German accounts and he is right.

    I would recommend customers to visit their sore and see fr themselves how good these people are rather than believing fake commenters and their competitors who are creating fake account. It's a coincidence and now I think a pleasant one because I was in their store when the Gujarati uncle who is taking about $30 idol was arguing at their store. He was politely told that idol he wants is $40 and $30 was never the price. His way of argument seemed as if he just wanted a cheaper deal. It's pathetic how he says he is Sri Lankan when I saw him and he was a Gujarati. Shame on you competitors for posing fake comments

    Customers, visit their store rather than believing fake comments here. You are smart. Don't be fooled.

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  • Le
      Jun 12, 2015

    We are law abiding person. Our product are at lowest rates which can be verified by visiting our shop. Because of this our competitors are shedding tears of hate. They are not able to sustain and thus it is a case were 'embarrassed cat scratches a pillar'.
    We are working for divine purpose next to Sai Baba temple. No one can indulge in false activities if person is in business of divine products such as idols of Sai Baba, Jesus, Budha various others god idols. We request you to have personal shopping experience to verify falsehood in respect of prices and our law abiding conduct. Definitely you will have positive feeling on visiting us and spiritual vibes. Apart from this you will find falsehood has been exposed which has been put in this blog by rival competitors.

    If any one of you have IP address of the sham bloggers with their address, same be provided to us enabling us to forward law enforcement agency. For providing IP address and local address you will be suitably rewarded.
    Our lawyers are waiting for this information and action against blog presenters is already made by our exporters from India.

    If person is really serious about his blogging he must not hide behind falsehood by remaining clandestine in approach. If there is truth why not come in front and take responsibility for once own speech. It seems that some people find it funny to only be negative and to remain fashionable negative to others anonymously. One must honest as ultimately one has to one day face the almighty creator. Before parting we will like to say Aisee Vani Boliye, Mun Ka Aapa Khoye Apna Tan Sheetal Kare, Auran Ko Sukh Hoye which means Speak such words, sans ego's ploy Body remains composed, giving the listener joy.

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  • At
      Jul 19, 2015

    Hi there. 3 weeks ago I bought 5 bangles for $50 at this Dpaul store. The lady behind the counter told me I was getting a good deal because they were Hyderabad bangles which are hard to find. They seemed a little expensive, but the lady keep saying they were real and good quality. So I bought them.
    This week my cousin is visiting us from Hyderabad. I proudly showed off my bangles to her. She asked where I got the bangles. I told her the entire story.

    Her reaction - you got ripped off!!!

    She explained these bangles are a common place in Hyderabad. As a matter of fact, they are common in India. She said they are so common in Hyderabad that you can easily find them on the footpath for MSRP of 30 Rupees.
    Unbelievable!!! These people are selling 30 Rupees (60 cent Canadian) items for $10. I don't think I need to say any more. You can guess how I feel!

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  • Le
      Sep 19, 2015

    Dear Readers, we are the owner/operator of Dpauls Divine and Decor.

    We are very sorry for making fake accounts by the name of 'minhas1', 'Rishi95', 'Sunita1' and 'legalhrg' - the current account to spam this blog and hide customer complaints.

    As we are not Hindus and don't believe in Hindu religion, we don't know much about the products we sell. We sell Hindu products only to make money. So, from time to time we sell fake products to increase our profit margins.

    It has come to our attention that the IP addresses of people positing complaints about our business are authentic and the complaints are genuine.

    Rather than assuming and blaming our competitors on this popular blog, we should have accepted our mistakes and not lied to all of you - the readers and customers. We have raised prices on everything in our store, from flowers to statues to everything else. We need to make money at any cost.

    We hope that you will not think much about our lying and continue to spend money in our store. We are now speaking truth.

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