Docudesk actrobatr / PDF - 3 years Access paid, not received service

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I have paid for a 3 year service of 1 Docudesk PDF Essentials $59.95 USD for a three year access
Transaction ID: 59L172084C903445X
I have not received the download or received any mail to download.

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  • Da
      15th of Oct, 2011

    I hope you have sorted this out already? If not - go to the Docudesk site and download the Pdf Essentials package that you have purchased. You get a three-day free trial. During this time, enter the activation code that you were sent with your original purchase. Your product should now work indefinitely. [You may have done all this already!] Your three years “New Version Assurance” (NVA) purchase entitles you to get updates at any time within your three years - but it is your responsibility (!) to check the Docudesk site periodically for useful updates. My understanding is that the site recognises automatically if your NVA is within date. Avoid if you can installing a macro to run Docudesk from within Microsoft Office software: the macro certificate may time-expire and then you are stuck. Docudesk provide a fix but I don't know if this is for customers who have a valid NVA, or for all customers. The safest course is to uninstall the macros – but surprise surprise! – Microsoft Office 2003 allow you to do this only with the macros are activated (you cannot uninstall de-activated macros – they are greyed out on the uninstall screen)

    In summary: while Docudesk do not provide the world's greatest user-friendly customer support, I don't think they are a scam site. Their products works fine (provided the customer can sort out the certificate problem for some of their macros). I still have a valid NVA: I don’t know what will happen when my NVA runs out. Hope this helps.

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  • Mi
      31st of Mar, 2012

    I purchased the same from Docudesk and the PDF file maker does not work on my Mac. Have emailed them 15 times in 5-months and they keep saying they will get back with me. They never do... The PDF maker does not work on Mack computers as advertised.

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