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Dr. Brian Lipton did an appendix removal on my wife. The incision in her belly button became infected. She went back to him and he said that it was fine and would heal up within a couple of months?? A couple of months later, it was worse. It is seriously infected causing my wife abdominal pain. She went back again and Dr. Lipton said that her body was not dissolving the stitches he used (and he could not recall the number of stitches he used). When my wife asked him when he could fix it, he said that we would have to pay him $8, 000 to do another surgery. We don't have $8, 000 for another surgery and this is a hack job by a crooked doctor.

Dr. Lipton, if you are reading this, you should know something. As a professional web developer, I never double bill my clients if I design something that does not function as intended. That is bad business practice. It is because of my good business practices that I have no negative marks against me online. Karma is an absolute in life and it rears it's ugly head when you least expect it to.

Now you have a decision to make Dr. Lipton. You can do what is right, and pay the expenses for my wife to have this nasty infection resolved that was caused by your lack of surgical skills or, I can start an online campaign to expose what you have done. Trying to double charge for services that you failed to provide correctly. I don't take too kindly to a doctor causing my wife 1 year of abdominal pain due to an infection caused by him, then refuse to fix it. You will pay for another Doctor to resolve this issue with my wife's infection that YOU CAUSED. She will never be under your care again. If you refuse to comply, I will launch an information campaign about your practices that will go viral and be biblical in every sense of the word, Google.

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  • Dr
      Oct 14, 2010

    He has a couple malpractice actions pending. One is for an appendectomy in which he failed to remove the entire appendix and the person almost died. His partner, Barbara Merz has been sanctioned by the Arizona Medical Board. He is a danger! And he has no remorse. If you want to live, stay away from him.

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  • An
      Nov 17, 2013

    I would like to know what happened with the man's case who is a web developer and told his horrific story about his wife's experience. I would also like to know how she is doing and if you have taken Dr. Lipton to court yet? My personal email is [protected] PLEASE email me asap so we can discuss what happened as I have an upcoming trial with Dr. Lipton and his company. Thank you.

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