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I oredered a trial offer, which I never received, they stated I had 7-10 days to cancel after receiving the trial offer. On Ict 15th I received a 30 day supply and my bank account was deducted for the full product. I returned the product as refused!!! Never opened it my bank account was overdrawn and I had to pay $140 in overdraft payments. They promised to refund as soon as the product was received back into their warehouse. This Thursday I was checking my bank account again and to my surprise another deduction. I called and spoke with "Bella" who just kept giving me a written speech that she could offer me a discount...I helded for 37 minutes on my cell phone and then spoke with supervisor "Mary" whom told me not to woryy that my membership had been cancelled and that the monies would not be deducted from my account. The deduction went through this morning. I am unemployed and now once again other cehecks are going to be returned for NSF...This has to stop. I'm notifing the BBB and consumer affairs in my state. All the supervisor "Mary" kept saying is that they acted according to the agreement, they never shipped the trial offer this ia a fraudulent company and a total scam, I fully want justice and a full refund and this company shut down and will make it my full time duty since they were told Thursday 11/10/2010 that this was going to make other checks bounce and cause yet another finacial hardship AND still deducted money from my account. I WANT A FULL REFUND AND WILL NOT STOP UNTIL SOMEONE GETS IT!!! I tried to upload my deductions $166.83, I want this back!

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  • Mr
      Dec 30, 2010

    i am from uk, and I have same problems aswell

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  • Re
      Jan 08, 2011

    Someone needs to put these scam artists out of business now! Seems like we all purchased their products and found out they were a scam and have tried, unsuccessfully to cancel many times via phone and/or emails, but nothing seems to work with them -- if you can even reach them. Fraudulent products and fraudulent business practices need to be investigated. They even change their name when running the unauthorized "auth#" through for payment -- -- HASLEMERE SUR (even the phone # listed for this "auth", 888-729-1134, is fraudulent...when I phoned this number the message I heard was "This number has been temporarily disabled" convenient)...Diet Max (800-320-2983...I just called this number and this is the message I heard, "all circuits are busy now, please try your call later"). On Dec 25th, 2010 I went back to the website ( to look for a "reachable" phone number and printed out a copy of their "CureColon Terms & Conditions" ( I called the 1-877-390-4552 number listed and finally reached a "rep" for the CureColon website, and I told her I wanted to cancel the order, effective immediately...I told her what I had encountered when I called the above listed numbers...I also told her what I thought about the products, the "unauthorized" withdrawal of funds and the "company" scamming practice. And why is it that the company listed as "Cure Colon, LLC, 3904 Central Ave Ste A127, Cheyenne, WY 82001, 1-877-390-4552" charges a "conversion fee?" I also contacted my banking institution and was told that I had to submit a dispute letter for the ongoing charges that were not authorized and the following "when disputing a charge to your card, start by contacting the debiting merchant for an explanation of the charge and a refund. the phone number is next to the merchant name. gather as much information as possible during your conversation. if the charge is determined to be fraud and the merchant will not submit a refund to you, please call to have your card blocked then write a dispute letter." Contacting the debiting merchant was a near impossible task with all the unavailable phone numbers listed. However, when I finally did get through on the 1-877-390-4552 number I was given a "cancellation code" alpha/number and was told that my request for cancellation of products was complete and there would be no more products shipped and no more "unauthorized" funds withdrawn; I was also told that if I wanted a refund for the Dec 2010 "unauthorized" withdrawal, I could call them and make that request. By the way, in the T&C paragraph on Refunds it states "We want you to be satisfied with Our Products and Our Services; therefore, if you are ever not satisfied with any Product that you ordered, you may call Our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-877-390-4552...and request a refund, " of course this is the same # to cancel your order and why in heavens name can't you do both at the same time? And of course there are 13 additional "refund policy" stipulations under this paragraph. Happy New Year to all...and I do believe in karma!

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  • Ee
      Mar 19, 2012

    Thank you for your information and feedback. If your issue has not been resolved, please email me at [protected] Please include a small summary of what your issue was and that you posted on complaints board. Thank you,


    TriSlim Corporate Offices


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