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Desiree Revivo AKA Desiree Adl-Revivo and her husband Nathan Revivo are big scam artists. As a former employee, they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to a bunch of us, we have taken her to the labor board and she has lied her way through it all. Not paying a single dollar to any of us. She conveniently sold her store, Famous Cupcakes, just when several judgements were placed. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! They have many spa equipment businesses well, They LIE and Cheat people out of money ALL THE TIME. Karma is a ###. Check out BBB before doing anything with them. TRUST ME! Unfortunately I know first hand.

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  • Ge
      6th of Apr, 2012

    The person posting this comment is named Anna Bakchachyan. She is unfortunately very bitter as her husband - Greg Balian was let go of working with her because he was caught stealing and using the company credit card for personal use. The company did not press charges (even though camera proof is in possesion of the company) but did terminate his relationship with the company. Obviously by having a married couple work together is not healthy for any company and her bitterness has remained despite everything the company did do for them. I as counsel have recommended they press charges in order to avoid all the unnecessary slander created. They too have several complaints against them so there reputation as honest people fails.

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  • Dr
      16th of Jun, 2012

    This comment sounds like you are NATHAN REVIVO (not George Morris Att) husband of DESIREE ADL REVIVO. The complaints of of Christopher Topher Alverez, Kristen Coleman and Anna Bakchachyan came from an employer, hmm, could that have been Desiree Adl Revivo owner of Famous Cupcakes (now Grilled Cheese and Cupcakes) where all 3 worked??? We think so. Stop conning people. You leave enemies behind with every business. Do yourself a favor and analize the person infront of you (you know who we are talking about) before you go ahead and accuse honest people around you of stuff they didnt do. Grow UP!!!
    -Former Employee

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