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This Dave Pierce has blackmailed me by posting this complaint and trying to extort money from me by saying he would amend the complaint if I paid him. This is illegal and immoral. He signed a contract that clearly stated that I do not pay vet bills and was aware that certain conditions exist when you purchase a puppy and take it from everything it knows. The match stick is an old trick used by show breeders to induce pups/dogs to eliminate prior to going into the show ring and causes no harm to the dog. I can provide proof of what my contract states. He signed it. Please remove this complaint and block future complaints from this person. Thank you. L Kaiser

Dave Pierce

Dec 24, 2014
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  • Dp
      Dec 29, 2014

    Linda Kaiser sold me a dog with a matchstick sticking out of its anus. She admitted this. He had bloody stool 12 hours later. She initially told me the dog ate a matchstick. I took him to the vet to get him checked out. On the way there she told me her 'friend' stuck the matchstick in its butt to get it to poop. I asked Linda to pay the vet bill and she refused. I told her that I would post reviews, contact my lawyer, and pursue the complaint in court. Lynne said she wouldn't pay, told me never to call her again, and hung up (after insulting me several times).

    After I posted my review on several sites, Linda started texting me. She asked what incentive she had to pay and I said I would amend my review to reflect the fact that she made things right. She then accused me of black mail. If this was black mail, Yelp would be out of business.

    I asked Lynne to pay the vet bill for a dog I had less than 24 hours which may have intestinal damage (his stool is not recovered). Nothing I wrote is extortion or blackmail. Blackmail is when you threaten to turn someone in for criminal wrong doing. Extortion is when you threaten to damage people's property for payment.

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  • Li
      Dec 29, 2014

    Dave I offered to give you a full refund before you had owned the dog 24 hrs. You had the option to bring him back 10 minutes into your trip which, when you called to come, was only a half an hour away. When I offered to give you the medication stated on my contract and to meet you, you then said you were over an hour and a half away and you made $60 per hour did I want to pay you for your time as well!!! You never wanted to resolve this amicably, as I tried. I did offer you a full refund. I also offered you the cost of the exam, because my girlfriend who had my puppy, didn't realize that the puppy hadn't eliminated yet prior to her bringing the puppy back, and he still had the matchstick in his bum. I felt a responsibility to correct that and I offered you a complete REFUND if you were that concerned or you had the option of me giving you back the money for the vet EXAM. I asked you the diagnosis and the prognosis in which you stated 'THE DOG IS GOING TO BE FINE" . That is why you wanted to keep him OBVIOUSLY!!! MY friend did this commonly performed method, so the puppy wouldn't poop in your car on your way home. It has no effect on a puppy. The puppies own waste is 6x the size of a matchstick. This was a puppy that was born 9-15...not a tiny 8 wk puppy. A veterinarian uses similar methods for collecting samples to do a fecal flotation. A thermometer is longer and bigger around than a match. You TOLD me, never asked me, what was going to happen because your entire family was lawyers and your wife was an ER doctor!! If your wife is an ER Doctor why didn't you have the common sense to, either bring the puppy back, if this was so detrimental, or listen to me in the first place and just take the medication I offered, on my contract? You lied about taking the puppy to an emergency appt. On the phone you told me it wasn't an emergency apt. that you weren't a panicky person...again stating that you're wife was an ER doctor. Blood in a puppy's stool is extremely common, especially when you get an older puppy that is stressing over going to a new home after living it's first 3 1/2 months in one place. I explained in my contract that puppies stress and it shows up in their stool. I thought you comprehended that. Adult dogs get blood in their stools at times too. Never was the dog bleeding from it's rectum! You set out from the beginning trying to offer me less for this puppy. You lied to your wife about where you were told me that. Why should I believe you now? I see a pattern of half truths, which in my book, is a lie. A sin is a sin. I guess we are all wrong here. Nobody's perfect, but my mistake was that it went unnoticed by me, and I was willing to pay for that portion of it.

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  • Dp
      Dec 30, 2014

    I am not sure what to make of that but here is the gist: Linda Kaiser of sold me a puppy with a matchstick in its anus. She admits that. She told me she did not know how it got there (which I have texts to prove). She therefore did not know how long it had been in there or whether it caused any damage. When the little guy had bloody stool 12 hours later I took him to a vet like any responsible pet owner would under the circumstances. I asked her to pay $175 for the vet visit, she refused. In my opinion, that is shirking her responsibility as a breeder so I posted negative reviews online. The reviews were measured, truthful, and supported by documentation. She did say I could return the puppy because she had another buyer, however, return is not an option: I would never return my puppy to a breeder would treat him that way (or allow her friends to).

    I can corroborate what I wrote with documentation. You can see from the above post that she is not above insulting me, my wife, or my family despite not knowing us at all (she was so eager to sell us a puppy that she did not ask us a single question about our background). And there are vicious things Linda has said to me and accused me of that I cannot support so I did not post them. Linda has publicly accused me of trying to extort/blackmail her by posting the reviews (despite my using my real name or email address). She still refuses to do the right thing. I just wouldn't think that a reputable dog breeder who takes responsibility for the health and wellness of her animals would respond this way.

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  • Li
      Jan 15, 2015

    Dear Public,
    This was an unfortunate occurrence. I am a reasonable, honest person and up to now only have had one other issue in many years.I am very conscientious. Anyone that knows me knows this. This person has taken this unfortunate circumstance and capitalized on it. I make no excuses for my mistake and the biggest one was being oblivious. I am by no means perfect. I wouldn't dream of ever hurting a puppy. I love my puppies and put every ounce of care possible into them. My vet will stand behind me. I have several repeat clients that will stand behind me. This person had an agenda. He gave me less than 24 hrs to even think about what had just transpired. My thoughts had been pretty scrambled with the death of my father (about 3 wks earlier), my mother becoming severely ill (hospitalized the very next day this happened) and it was Christmas Eve. I had guests that added to the commotion and chaos. Again, please know that I am not making excuses. I am merely stating these facts so that you can perhaps put yourself in my place for a moment. I really didn't know what to say to this person. I was confused as to how this could have happened. He wanted answers and I just didn't know, initially. This guy was not a warm and fuzzy guy. I am a warm a fuzzy person. My only solace was that this puppy was for his wife. I thought that if she wanted a puppy she might love him like I did. I love dogs. You can't do this if you don't. I love bringing JOY to people's lives. The way this was handled was not right by either of us.
    Do I wish I could do this all over? YES! Guess what? I can't :( . This guy knew exactly where to go to post negative things. He hit them all! We are talking in less than a 24 hr. period! He was on a mission. I ask you...WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THIS? A nice guy that wanted to be amicable? He knew about my issues...he said it wasn't his problem!!! I was speechless! COLD, very COLD! He even had his sister in law post erroneous crap! I never even met her! I didn't say anything vicious to him. He can't verify it because it is another lie. He said I called him stupid. I did not. I called him ignorant, which he was.
    So, after much praying over this I decided to be the better person and mail him his $175.00, part of which was for a parvo test (puppy had 2 parvo shots!!! Didn't have Parvo..hmmm!), and medicine that I already had from my vet to treat the stress related issues dogs commonly fault of anything I can control. Nevertheless I mailed him his check. The sad thing is I won't ever know how this puppy is doing. I asked him to keep in touch, but so far not a word. Do you think Dave Pierce will do what he said he would do and amend his complaint? I won't be holding my breath.

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  • Li
      Jan 29, 2015

    I contacted Dave Pierce via text and sent him the photos of the check and certified letter prior to mailing. The post office has made the attempts to deliver this check he so adamantly demanded. He blatantly said " You give me this vet bill or I will post negative reviews all over the internet" after he had said that the vet said the puppy was fine. He isn't picking up his certified mail. Did this guy give a false name and address to me? Is this another cyber bulling stunt ? Who is Dave Pierce?

    I would like to address the match stick trick again as it has been brought up to me since this occurrence. This does not HARM your dog. Veterinarians do much more invasive procedures to collect feces for stool checks. Be reasonable in your thought. A thermometer is bigger and is inserted in the dogs rectum with out harm. Im attaching a link for a video for you to view so you can get a better understanding of this trick that has been used for decades!

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