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Done the same way. No money back from this breeder. Even though it is in print that he guarantees his cats. I believed what I was told and then I got the shaft. When you try to tell the breeder there is a problem, he handles things by name calling and says your stealing from him. He turns a small problem into a hostel problem. Who stole from who? I have read all the posts today and all I can say is he says one thing and does another.

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  • Da
      11th of Apr, 2012

    This is part of the cyber bullying we are going through. We have been a TICA cattery of excellence for the past 4 years in a row. The problems with people who whine are usually your compitition. What you will find is those that hide in the shadows .
    We don't...if you have questions about our integrity or general questions call us...830-609-4601 and we'll share the truth with you.
    We have offered our number often and never anybody calls...even those that say they have a complaint.
    We feel that one individual is behind these attacks and we are presently in an investagation to prove so.

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  • Ta
      14th of Apr, 2012

    Mr. Clark, I find your response amusing. If I have a question about your integrity I can call you so you can tell me you are honest? I would gladly call, however I have had enough degradation, down talking, insults, and abuse that I care to get from you. I am not sure about the person above. If there was someone other than a dishonest business owner I could confidently share with, I would gladly make contact with them. I am not competition. I am a 28 year old father of three in Iowa that was taken by you. I am not hiding in the shadows. Even if you provide me with the phone number to a verifiable company that investigates cyber bullying, I will make contact with them to prove that my intention is not to bully you in any way. I am incredulous to the fact that you assume consumers are too stupid to see right through your "wasn't me" game.

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  • No
      16th of Apr, 2012

    We have suffered from the same degradation and insults. We can not think of calling for a another dose of the cat mon's respect. You have no respect for any one else but your own self/ego. This is no way bullying, we got tired of trying to deal with you. You did not want to deal; You wanted to abuse. You have our money. We will not call you. But we will post our words till you do right by all those you have hurt. Send the cyber bully people on over, we can prove our case. As long as we all tell the truth there is nothing you can do, nor can you sue us. Which is something you have bragged about. The lawyer that would represent you...? This is just our way of being heard. We could never get you to hear us before, instead you talked your respect game over and over and made promises you would not honor. Not going to call you ever again. I will let my fingers do my talking. You had your words and we got your side of things. Integrity HA HA HA HAHA HA HA!!! yea right!!! Not any competition to you either.

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  • Sp
      10th of Jul, 2013

    We just purchased a beautiful minx from Clarkstone Bengals. He is a beautiful cat with a wonderful temperament. When we toured the cattery, we noticed that it was kept relatively clean. Some of the kittens seemed to be rambunctious, but this type of behavior is to be expected from kittens. We took our children to visit The Clarkstone cattery, and they loved their experience. Mr. Clark may have an air of pride in his communication, but he seemed a rather good natured man. I have reviewed the complaints on [redacted], complaintsboard, reviews talk, scam exposure, etc and I keep seeing the same comments on all these forums. Nothing new. If his operations were as horrible as everyone writes about, he wouldn't be listed as a TICA Outstanding member for five years. (Source: It seems to me like someone had a bad experience and wants to punish Mr. Clark, so they went to the trouble of going to all these scam reporting websites and copy-pasted verbatim their laments. I would be willing to bet that all these people have had worst experiences at Wal-Mart, but they will keep going back there anyway. If you had a bad experience, just let it go. No one is forcing you to buy a cat. If you don't like him or his cats, just walk away.

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