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Mary from Curve Hill Pomskies deleted my review from her Facebook page because I wasn't happy with her service. She took the review option away because her stars went down. She never showed me my pups parents and reverse bred my dog. She doesn't care for her pups as she should and the end result is my pup has bad behavior. She is a fraud! Do not buy from her! I have another Pomskie that was bred the right way and cared for with love and his behavior is way better. Again, do not purchase from Mary at Curve Hill Pomskies.

Jun 13, 2017
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  • Ma
      Jun 22, 2017

    KT, I didn't sell you your dog. You purchased from TC Pomskies. My ex partner. It was not my part of the job to show you pics of the parents. And when you did contact me for pics you did so knowing that Tanya of TC Pomskies had those records. Your dog was grown by that time. Tanya is your buddy, and that's the only reason that you are saying any of this now. Furthermore you purchased your pup as a baby. If you didn't bother to bond and train your dog, that isn't the breeders fault it's yours.
    And the pup that you purchased from Tanya, is not a 50/50 split . Nor does it look like a Pomsky is supposed to look. Also if your Pomsky experience was so bad, why do you keep posting how much you love her? And why would you get another?
    You are simply posting this because of your friendship with Tanya. You helped her get another job, so now you both need to move on. You are getting involved in a situation thinking you know details that you do not. Encouraging her to continue this slander is only going to make things worse for her. If you want to be a supportive friend... help her move past this. Because I've reached my limit . Things are about to get much much worse if you guys can't get a grip.

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