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My husband is on his third Cuddeback camera. The first was purchased several years ago. When that camera started to malfunction he contacted Non Typical and was told he could return his cameral and pay a fee to get a compariable product or pay a higher fee and upgrade to the Expert camera. We chose to upgrage and my husband used this camera a couple hunting seasons when it malfunctioned. Once again he contacted the company and was told it was out of warranty but he could send it back and it would be fixed for a reasonable fee. He also complained about the battery cover which they fixed. This all happened toward the end of hunting seasons so when the repaired camera was returned it wasn't uses right away. Before the next season started my husband set out the camera, it still didnt work. His mistake to assume quality work was done and didnt test the camera. When he call the company back he was informed he had passed the warranty and was given the option to return camera with fee to get a replacement. This he did and received the Capture camera. This was in July of this year. This camera is a downgrade to the one we had and after using it for a few months this camera doesn't work. After numerous calls to the company to speak with a manager all I get is the customer service mananger's voice mail. I let her know what phone number to return call to or the time I will be home but she either calls the hunting camp number when I've told them I wouldn't be there or she has called my home number when I've explained I wouldn't be there. When I have left my home number for a return call I also left a time that I would be home from work and she calls in the morning when I'm not there.

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  • Li
      Oct 27, 2011

    Cuddeback has the RUDEST customer service! I called 2 days ago, waited 22 minutes for some lady named Sherry ( said she was their answering service) and that she would have them call me within 2 business days. She was very abrupt at that point and I told her I thought it was wrong to make a customer wait on hold for over 20 minutes just to tell them they are an answering service taking names and numbers to call people at a later time. She didn't care. I waited 2 days ... no call as I figured, so I called again... 25 minutes later the same Sherry lady picks up telling me she is the answering service and I told her that now I was very upset that I waited now a total of 45 minutes on hold just to be told she is an answering service and she will have them call me, she then refused to take my name and number again as I advised her in case they lost it and said "Listen, if I took your name and number then I gave it to them have a nice DAY GOODBYE!" and HUNG UP ON ME! REALLY?? Don't these people know there are other ways to take care of your phone lines, like maybe an automated system that right away tells people to leave their name and number and they will call back!!! Absolutely rediculos to make someone wait that long to take a name and number, THEN NEVER CALL BACK!! I assume they have alot of problems with their cameras to have such a hard time to reach them!! I will return my camera to the store and will never buy a Cudde brand again!!!

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  • Re
      Sep 10, 2012

    Well I work at Cuddeback and we never has a lady named Sherry working there nor do we have an answering service.

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