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I signed up for only one months membership to download one song off the internet at R97.00 for the month, the only reason for doing this was that it was only a months membership... So far my account has been debited with two more amounts off R97.00
I have sent more than four e`mails requesting them to remove me and all of my details from the sight, I dont even want the money back, I just want them to stop taking any further money from me, to close my account and remove me completely.
I asked for conformation of this with every mail sent but as yet, money seems to still be taken from me and there is no other way to get hold of them in order to attempt to even stop this highway robbery...

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  • Ak
      24th of Aug, 2012 is very poor share files Service. Let`s start review with payment issue. 19.08.2012 I try to pay for premium account with PayPal. But every time when I try to pay i received message "We were unable to verify your credit or debit card. To proceed with your purchase, please select a different payment method or add a different credit or debit card, then click Continue." I paid with PayPal many times but with I had a problem. When I sent mail to PayPal support they said “I'd encourage you to contact your credit card issuer and speak to someone who deals with online transactions to find out why this payment was denied. Please note that the general customer service at your bank may not be able to provide specific information on why a transaction was denied. You will need to contact the department in charge of online payments to obtain this information.”. Of cause I connected with my bank but they did not say anything intelligible.
    Ok, I sent e-mail to support with asking about reseller. Support said that English version has resellers list: Ok 21.08.2012 at 22:26 I paid with Money was written off immediately. I waited for more than 14 hours but premium account did not appear. 22.08.2012 at 12:48 I sent e-mail to support asking where is my Premium. support said that I shall write to support. 22 Aug 2012, 14:08:33 support said that they update my account to premium.
    22.08.2012, 15:12 I find that status of my account was updated and have status Premium=active.
    Till 22.08.2012, 21:34 I tried to download files with premium but unsuccessfully. Premium files had not downloaded. When i clicked on “Download” button new window was appeared with proposal to buy a premium account. I sent another e-mail to support. They did not answer. Then I did several logout/login and it start to work at last.
    22.08.2012 I sent e-mail to support with asking 1 day compensation. No answer…

    Disgusting quality of service and support. And these people are saying that if you'll not satisfied with the service, we will refund your money. It's a lie! They cannot even make one day compensation for the lost time.

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  • Mi
      17th of Sep, 2012

    9-17-2012 I'm having the same problem Now. I paid for 30 days service with MyDownloader service for $16.21 on 9-10-2012. As of today I have not received my access code, a refund nor an answer for 8 E-Mails. I do not know who cheating who. DO NOT USE FOR ANYTHING>

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  • Ra
      20th of Jun, 2013

    blatant scam. Kind of smart tactic, actually: advertise an attractive price, don't mention recurring fees or any ability to cancel an account and naturally one would assume "hmm, must not be a subscription, sounds good, I'll buy a month" but NOPE!

    After purchasing service i immediately contacted customer support and asked them to cancel the account just in case it turned out to be a subscription, which it was. No response. I wait to see what happens and one month later I see another $15 get debited from my account. I frantically try to access my membership, but i've forgotten my login credentials and the password reset tool only emails you a new password but does not tell you your user ID, so there's no way AT ALL to get into the membership section to check and see if maybe i missed a link to cancel my account. Contacted customer support again and obviously received no response.

    SOLUTION: I called my bank and cancelled my debit card, citing fraud. now i am heavily inconvenienced until i get a new card in the mail.

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