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I did a search for a female blue bi-color female Ragdoll kitten and found her site. The whole process was not up front with me on the purchase of a kitten. I submitted a few pics of what I was looking for in a ragdoll. There should have been no question as to what I wanted in a ragdoll. Numerous questions were sent to the owner and only a few of them were answered. Very evasive with her answers. When ever I question her on where I was at in the process, selection, time. She did not like to be questioned. It was like you were in the dark during the whole process. Finally she said she had to wait for this breeders association to have an answer for me when the kitten was 8 weeks old. I had always told her what I was looking for in a kitten and there should have been no mis-communication on that. She finally said she had a kitten for me as what they call a "Pet" and not a show/alter kitten. That was not what I had given her my deposit on. I only wanted a true blue bi-color ragdoll. She decided to give me my deposit back. I hope others do not have to go through this process as I did for a ragdoll.

May 14, 2017
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  • Cr
      30th of Jun, 2017

    Cynthia was told at the beginning of the adoption process that I probably would not have a kitten available. She chose to send in a deposit. I did not have a kitten available for her, so I sent her deposit back. I am not sure why she has filed a complaint about that. I suppose she is unhappy that she could not get the kitten she wanted. It was already adopted and she was aware of it.

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  • Cr
      2nd of Jul, 2017

    I would like to add that I spent a great deal of time emailing with Cynthia and repeatedly replied to her emails for a number of months. The problem was that she wanted a kitten right now and that just wasn't going to happen. Reputable breeders work from a waiting list which generally is 3-7 months. IN addition, she was interested in a show alter kitten and time is needed to evaluate a kitten to see if it conforms to the Ragdoll Breed Standard. They cannot be assessed until they are older, it takes time to evaluate them as they grow. I told her that I did not think I would have one for her from the very beginning. She didn't understand this, even after I told her several times. She kept emailing wanting a kitten that was already chosen by another adopter and I feel like she wasn't going to be happy until she got it. It was just better for both of us that I terminated the adoption and send her deposit back. I am sorry that she became so upset, but it does not surprise me.

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  • Ca
      22nd of Aug, 2017

    Being in a business means being professional and having the ability to reply to any questions or concerns your customers have. I too applied for an app. for adoption and had multiple questions... they were all unanswered so I looked elsewhere and I'm glad I did.

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  • Cr
      27th of Aug, 2017

    @candor I am sorry to hear this. I respond to everyone that fills out an adoption application. Perhaps my email to you went into your spam folder.

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