CreativeSupport.orgwrongful termination,mental abuse on the handicap and stealing money from grants that familes and the gov.give them

They lie still your money take your ihhs forge documents please anyone that reads this takes in consideration that this nonprofit organazation are frauds i was fired on tues sept2, 08 because i cared to much i worked for nora parker a nice woman with a disability she was put in the hospital the next day after we had a meeting i was being harrased by my former bose krisvan de burgt. I tried to call his supervisor but shewas as bad as him all he wanted was nora parkers ihhs and his other employes he hiredwere not qualified the first week i worked their i was asked to train a employee howt o get nora in the pool. She coulden't even do that thank godfor digital cameras. I took pic of everything well nora is as happy as can be she left support services and i still work for her and her family please everyone pick your caregivers ciarefully i believe iwas gifted from god i believe i love what i do please, pass this on to someone so people stop getting mentally abused i will do what ever i have to to stop this company im contacting the news the media anyone that will listen and see my pict. Sincerly sharlene

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