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Confetti Box - Eccles, Manchester / Poor service!

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I plead with anyone looking to purchase their wedding dress NOT to go to this shop. I was left the day before my wedding standing in tears in the shop, with a dress that was not ready. It started off ok, finding the right dress and ordering it. When it arrived it seemed too big, but i was told it was the wrong underwear that was making it look that way. At the 2nd fitting i was rushed through it (they obviously had too many jobs on before the bank holiday in August). My next appointment was the week of my wedding, but again i was told it would be ready on time, and just needed collecting, the manager was going to sort it herself. However on the 'final' visit to 'pick' my wedding dress, it turned out the manager had gone on holiday leaving her young daughter to run the place.

The dress had been forgotten about and unfinished. They had sewn on wrong straps in a different color to my dress! I was told to come in the next day as they were too busy and they would sort it... This was Friday and i was getting married the next day! As i walked out of the shop in tears... i saw someone about to go in. I warned her not to go in because of what they had done. She replied it was too late, she had bought her dress and they had ordered it 4 sizes too big. When it the dress came in, there was no time to re-order it, and she had to make do!

Please have a wonderful wedding, but find your dress somewhere else. Don't let your special day be overshadowed by this kind of stress and upset that i had to endure. Also make sure your dress is ready weeks before your big day.
Don't be pushed into taking a late fitting date, because they are too busy . You are paying for this service, make sure you get a good one.

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  • La
      28th of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Dear 'Emily'
    I purchased my wedding dress and 6 bridesmaid dresses from the Confetti Box in 2006. I went there as I knew it was a family run business and had heard fantastic comments from many of my friends and family who had previously purchased their dresses from there. From the my first visit I was made to feel like the only bride that year. Maria helped me to choose my amazing dress and Jade took my measurements at all of my fittings. Each of my bridesmaids were treated with equal treatment and each have said they will return when their special day comes too!
    My day was the best and I thank the Confetti Box for their ***** (5 Star) service. Every single staff member wished me well when I picked my dresses up.
    I hope one negative comment does not put off customers as for that one bad comment there are probably thousands of comments like mine.

    Good luck to everyone finding their perfect dress-visit the Confetti Box and you will not be disappointed i'm sure.


  • Sa
      11th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I planned my wedding down to the last deatil except for my dress which as for me it was the most important thing ... i was told about Confetti Box in Eccles Manchester that they gave a good price and service. Well i called in and everything was very nice lovely dresses, Nice staff i picked the dress i wanted and Maria gave me a price which i was over the moon about so i left a deposit...I called in the following month to pay the balance and to my amazment she told me the price had gone up £150 and i would have to pay the difference and when a questioned it she became very abusive, this wreck it for me i had to pay the difference as it was to late to find a new dress and she would not return my money...So beware of this and make sure you get things in writting or go somewhere else i wish i did. ...

  • Cl
      6th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I was treated like one of the family when i went to Confetti Box in Eccles, Maria, Jade and all the team were brilliant. Every fitting they were brilliant with me, they gave me fantastic help and advice about all things..When looking for the dress i was there for hours and i was made to feel so at ease and like they had all the time in the world for me. My dress was a gorgeous hollywood dreams dress and they sorted the cleaning off the dress (at very short notice over the christmas/new year period) for our wedding reception when we got back from our Caribbean wedding. If you are looking for good service and fantastic variety of dresses then i HIGHLY recommend taking a look at Confetti Box..They are also very good for the mens suits and accessories so go along to Confetti Box you won't be disappointed. Clare, Manchester 2009...

  • Sh
      14th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have just got back from the confetti box and had to come straight on the internet to see if anyone else had been treated the way my sisters and I had just been treated! I presume from reading the other comments that Maria is the owner? She is most vile woman I have ever met, and as for running a wedding dress shop...she would be better running a prison, the way she speaks to customers and her own staff. My sister was getting married 5yrs ago and unfortunately chose her dress from there. Following the death of our mother and the birth of her first baby the wedding got cancelled. The dress was half paid for but as you can imagine sorting a wedding dress was the last thing on any of our minds. It got left and my sister presumed the dress would have been sold on. She is now getting married at the end of the year and she recieved a phone from the confetti box 6wks ago saying that they still had her dress and would she like to come and see it again. This was a total shock to her as she never asked them to keep it, but thought it would be nice if she could pay the remainder and wear that dress on her wedding day as our mother had helped her pick it out. We went up today in a very excited mood to be seeing the dress again after all this time, only to be confronted by a horrible woman who wouldnt even let her see the dress until she had paid the remaining money AND £500 storage charge! My sister said she wasnt going to pay any storage money as she had never asked them to keep it. Had she been told over the phone that there was a storage charge she would have just said straight away to put it back on the rails to sell, which they should have done 4yrs ago. We couldnt believe our ears that the woman expected my sister to pay half a thousand pound for HER incompetance! We all tried to this explain to the nasty cow but she was too stupid to understand and threw us out! My sister, who has recently had a baby, was left in floods of tears in the middle of Eccles town centre, with me and my younger sister absolutely gobsmacked that the owner of a wedding dress shop ('the place all girls dream off') could be so rude and abusive. I know some people have had good experiences there, but for me, going to buy your wedding dress should a magical experience and I urge people to stay away just incase you catch this woman in the mood she was in today. It isn't worth it, as Emily said, you pay a lot of money for this serivce, it should be amazing service 100% of the time, not just occasionally!

  • Ca
      28th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I read these complaints with interest. As someone who is in the service industry ( executive chef) I also expect great service.. The Confetti Box did a wonderful job on my wedding dress. The staff listened to my concerns and the owner- Maria- gave me suggestions that I would never have thought and the strapless dress I wore made me feel like a true princess. It made the wedding. The Confetti Box offers top knotch service, great selection and a staff who truly care, I personally could not have asked for more .To readsome of the nonsense others have written and to compare it to my experience there it's two different worlds-

  • Tr
      20th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I was married this month and have nothing but praise for all the staff at confetti box. My dress was beautiful and every member of staff made me feel welcome. I only bought my dress in May and the alterations (which were faultless) were completed in plenty of time, given that the dress had to be ordered as well. They even ordered me a vail with only two weeks to go!!
    I loved their honesty when I was trying on dresses and they really did know their stuff, my dress was not one that I would have picked off the hanger but Jade said to try it and it was as though it was made for me! It was also at a great price. At my final fitting they showed my sister how to do the dress up at the back and even showed me where to put the tape round my chest - now thats dedication!! I looked and felt fantastic on the day and I owe that to all the staff at confetti box, who I can't thank enough.
    As for the other reviews I agree with catherinet - two polar opposites

  • Ca
      22nd of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I got married on 14th February 2010 and I got my beautiful Maggie Sottero dress and 4 gorgeous bridesmaids dresses plus suits for my husband, his 4 adult groomsmen and 5 young groomsmen from the confetti box. The staff at the confetti box were amazing from helping me pick a dress that suited me (totally not the style I expected, but looked like It had been made for me) right down to the final fitting. They had a lot of things to work round, first of all one of my bridesmaids got pregnant, then another...they both had their babies before the wedding and then Jade and Emma (staff from confetti box) made sure their dresses fit them beautifully. Then a couple of months before my big day another of my bridesmaids announced she was 3 and a half months pregnant (with twins!!!) This sent me Into a huge panic but the girls took It In their stride and my bridesmaid looked beautiful and due to Jade removing the boning from the dress was comfortable too. We were let down with our suits from another shop and they helped us get suits for all members of our wedding party and everyone looked so handsome and well put together (you would never know about the last minute rush and panic we had getting suits to fit everyone). They also ordered me a beautiful veil, tiara and a pair of beautiful Benjamin Adams shoes, my tiara hadn't arrived for my hair trial and Emma very kindly loaned me the shop's display tiara that I'd picked to use. Jade took the time to show us all how to lace each other's dresses up, so that they looked perfect on the day. They gave us drinks during our fittings, laughed and Joked with us and we all had a glass of wine together at my final fitting. I would say they became friends during the whole process and as for previous comments about Maria I found her to be a lovely woman, who was very friendly and made you feel welcome. We all looked gorgeous on the day, I felt like a total princess and loved every second of the day. My experience dealing with the confetti box was a pleasant one from start to finish and I hope anyone who's getting married and looking for that perfect dress will consider them, I'm confident you won't regret It!!! x

  • Cc
      12th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My Fiance had previously been into the bridal shop whilst looking for her wedding dress and although she did not buy it from here she said that the female member of staff was very helpful. She mentioned that they also had grooms outfits so i decided to go and have a look with my fiance and mum. On arrival we were met by a miserable man who in my opinion shouldnt be selling cabbages let alone wedding outfits. My Fiance asked this man if he had any brochures with wedding shoes in to which he growled "yes but you cant take it out of the shop" so insead of stand looking at shoes we decided to go downstairs and look at the grooms suits. We were followed downstairs and asked when the big day was and what colours the bridemaids were wearing. I then explained that i wanted a simple suit, not a top hat and tails and either blue or grey in colour. The man told me that he would normally put a groom in ivory so i "stood out" totally disregarding what i wanted. I told him again that i would prefer what i had already stated and he replied "well this is a wedding shop not Burtons." we obviously did not continue our conversation and hastily left the shop. I have never met someone with such poor customer service skills with an obvious disregard for what the customer wants topped off with a bad attitude. Its a shame that this man is allowed to ruin what the women of the business are obviously working hard to maintain and if i was them i would politely tell him he is a liability to the business and whether he is family or not he should either stop working there or stay in the back room shining shoes.

  • Se
      10th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Confetti box is a nice lovely clean place. The famliy and the girls are really nice and charming. They have been awarded again in 2014 for the best shop of the year. The dresses they have there are next level. You are welcomed and respected no matter what color or race you are. I purchased my dress from there and my wedding did not go to plan. They kept my dress on hold for almost two years and did not even charge me storage. They were well supportive and kind. I collected my dress and got the fitting done without hassle. The prices are reasonable, you pay for the work and quality. I always wish Confetti Box luck and hope the famliy run business continues to the next generation. I have been to many English wedding shops and CONFETTI BOX SHOP is the best of the best.

  • Ja
      2nd of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    Disgusting place never go back mis sold me items I didn't order tiara veil etc, they was yellow and not ivory totally wrong thing I ordered then sed we need to charge you 75 extra, absaloute joke got a extra 300 pound out of us!!!disgusting people the amount I have heard about these I'm surprised there not shut down well hope they are in the future

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