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Please don't go for Concorde motors Bangalore. They are nothing but a bunch of cheats. I went to Concorde motors, Dairy circle, Bangalore and booked a Indica Vista on 21st od Jan making a down payment of Total cost - Loan amount which was 81000 Rs. I was given a delivery date as 6th of next month. They said, there is no waiting period as such from concorde but its the time that will be taken by bank to process the loan hence 6th. Me and my wife were innocent enough to believe that they would really deliver the car on 6th. I hurried the process with bank and got the loan disbursed on 5th. I was yet to realize the true colors of concorde motors.

They got the complete amount in hand and they started cooking stories. They said 10th and not 6th then it became feb 14th and they promised sir u shall celebrate valentine's day with your new car.
Then all of a sudden they said 14th was just a tentative date and they are not sure about when the car would arrive. They said the car has left the Poona plant on 2nd feb but has not yet reached bangalore. I Guess the logistics driver took the other direction and planned to come around the globe to bangalore via Singapore and chennai. Why the hell will it take 15 days to reach Bangalore from Poona!!

Today when I am writing this post desparately, the Concorde guys have even stopped picking my calls. The executive says that she is on leave for next 3 days and asks me not to contact her!! Mera Bhaarat Mahaan. TATA Mahaan! How foolish was I to have choosen Tata over a Maruthi.

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  • Ni
      11th of Feb, 2010

    Never Trust TATA. TATA is most curropted company in India

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  • Sh
      7th of Feb, 2011


    I booked Indigo CS LS on 28th Jan 2011 from CONCORD Mavelikara, Kerala, in the name of K N SIVARAJAN at that time dealer committed that it will be delivered within 10 day’s but as of now the vehicle not delivered . I need my vehicle before 10th Feb becoz after that as per Astrology we don't have perfect timing, If u people can't able make it possible, pls let me know over phone or E-Mail, your MVK delaer is telling from PUNE to Cochin intrasit time is 10 day's, i don't on which basis he is telling this reply. normally transit time between Poona & EKLM may be 3 to 4 Days .if this enqu: is going to wrong person pls forward to concern dept: & also just now I spoke with that dealer he is telling you will get vehicle on 15th only .

    It's really CHEATING

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