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R Nov 24, 2015 Review updated:

Received a call today from Ms Brown (Funny they always use "Brown" as contact name...anyways they called my job with a message that answers when you pick up the phone its says this call is for whomever please call this number [protected]. So I called it back to see who and what they were calling about. They answer with "this is litigation Ms Brown speaking"...really?? I asked the name of the company she says Coastal I asked coastal what? She says did someone call you from this number I said yes but no name was left. She says what is number so I gave it to her she says yes they are calling for ****** I said yes that's me what do you want and who are you? Ms Brown asked me to verify my social security number I said NO who are you and what do you want I'm not giving that information out to someone calling me that I do NOT know so give me your information. She says we can't give out any information without you verifying who you are I said well good then because whatever company your with is not legit anyways and DO NOT CALL ME EVER AGAIN!!! Can't tell me who you are what you want don't bother me. Don't run your scam about arresting me that's illegal. Don't tell me your with a lawyers office because your not. Straight up collection "scam" agency dredging up old bills in hopes people will pay them with their scare tactics. They purchase old collections for 10 cents on the dollar hoping to make a buck. Save it for someone else or better yet call my lawyer because I really have one. DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE A DIME!! And them calling relatives is also Illegal divulging your personal information to another source other than you is illegal. If they keep harassing you sue them because that is your right. These bottom feeders companies won't give you any information about their company because they don't want YOU to sue THEM for their illegal collection practices. Send me a written letter if your so legit. Oops can't do it because your a scam!!!


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      Nov 25, 2015

    I've gotten a few calls from this number over the past few days. The "person" is always a prerecorded message looking for information on the whereabouts of a person I don't know, and if I don't give any information I have on this person they're apparently going to take me to court. Pretty sure threatening litigation to a random person you call on the whereabouts of a person they don't know is illegal. Also they only call after 5:30, when I happen to be at work.

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      Feb 16, 2016

    I too have been called by these people twice now. They claim that I owe $3, 300 in payday advances out of a key bank account. The first time they called I immediately hung up and I called KeyBank. The branch manager kindly pick my call ran my social security number and said to me you have never ever had an account here someone is trying to scam you. I was like thank you very much for the validation but I already knew I'd never had a key bank account and I've never taken out a payday advance. I suggest that anyone being called by anyone from Coastal tell them to screw off and hang up the phone. It also doesn't hurt to report them to your local police department

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