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Closet by Design / I am extremely dissatisfied with this company

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Think long and hard before you take your chances with Closets by Design or you may be in for a big dissappointment! My media room cabinets are a mess from incorrect measurements by designer Lynn M. The installer took over an hour to figure out how he could compensate for Lynns mistakes. I ended up with an ugly mess, and damage to my walls. Without ripping the whole thing out and starting over with the correct size pieces, there is no way for me to get the cabinets that I ordered.

Then Lynn ordered the wrong mirrored doors for my bedroom closet claiming she was correct. Clearly, she was not, and exactly the doors I did not want, arrived. Customer service, of course, stood behind their employee (whenever that is that I could track them down.)

What ever happened to pleasing the paying customer, and I paid really good money for their service and product!

I am extremely dissatisfied with this company and their resolving of this matter. Oh and did I mention they charged my credit card the balance without me signing off on the completion of the job? I will never do business with Closet by Design, again!!


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  • Rj
      28th of Jan, 2011

    Hopefully the third time is the charm!! I am waiting for someone to come out for the 3rd time. Due to mismeasurements by the salesperson, the fronts of my drawers were not sized properly. The first time they came out, all they could install were the hanging rods. They couldn't finish the drawers because the side panels were drilled wrong. On the 2nd trip out, the installer was great and remeasured to make sure the drawer fronts will finally fit. We'll see...still waiting.

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  • Wa
      3rd of Aug, 2012

    YEP ! Dont do it they got me too. Closet were removed and I call another company. They blame the Designer and always make up stories.

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  • Pe
      23rd of Jan, 2013

    My wife purchased a pantry through Closet by Design. It was quite expensive and poorly designed. The designer did not take into account the ceiling fan near the pantry. We are going to have to pay an electrician to relocate the ceiling fan because the blades will hit the doors of the pantry when they are open. Considering the cost of this service I would expect a better thought out design. The materials used seem a bit cheap to me (compressed wood fiber with cheap handles and hinges) for and $800 food pantry.

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  • Me
      13th of May, 2017

    @Peter J 71 I was a designer for closets by design. They sent us out into the field with very little training. I constantly felt like I simply did not have the proper training to measure and design closets for clients. When I tried to call my manager with questions, he was rude and wouldn't answer my questions. I had angry customers call me because the installations were not right. Ultimately I quit and I regret the experience.

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  • Ke
      8th of May, 2013

    I am very unhappy with my cabinets. I was so excited to have them done and against my better judgement I moved forward with the install with a crazy price... WHAT WAS I THINKING?????? Well I have emailed the designer several times with the same response, Oh I thought that this problem was fixed weeks ago. RIGHT. So I have cabinets that are not flush with the wall, and the drawers that cost over $70 a piece were damaged during the install. So please, whatever you do... Don't use this company. You will just get a poor product at a very high cost.

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  • Il
      12th of Oct, 2014

    We recently used Closets by Design to re-model the walk-in-closet of our master bedroom. I paid a heavy price for a
    mediocre job. The measurements are wrong and the advise given Vs what is delivered is absolutely wrong. 2K for few planks put-together shabbily!!! My wife realised the mistake only when she saw the end result. Anybody who are planning to hire this rotten company, think twice!!. It is surely not worth throwing the money on crappy job. Yes. they ensure that the entire money is paid first before they could start the work on the delivery date and that should tell a lot!

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  • No
      31st of May, 2015

    I ordered a walk in closet by Closets by Design. The "designer" came out and I specifically told her I did not want a portion of the closet behind the radiator, and I wanted the panels on the wall. Being it was only a 6 section walk in, no drawers, the price was $1200. They demand half down so I paid them $600 up front. On installment day the installer goes over the measurements with me and low and behold, that crazy designer had designed 20 inches of the closet to be directly behind the radiator! I told him to stop, go back and have her figure this out AGAIN. When another week or so, two installers arrived with the correct measurements, but with no wall panels! They offered to set another date (for me to take off from my job) to return, but I refused, also refused them the additional $600. They charged me $3.00 more which I gave them cash. Closets by Design had the nerve to call me asking for the additional $3.00 I had already given the installers! One of my brackets has since broken and I might have to contact those jerks again for a replacement!

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  • Mi
      9th of Sep, 2015

    I ordered an Entertainment Center for my Livingroom around the Fireplace. This was way back in June. June 9th to be exact. They told me the first day they had available for installation was the first week in SEPTEMBER on Wed. Well, Tues. I called to find out what time tomorrow they would arrive. At the time they informed me that they did not realize they had people on vacation and it would have to be rescheduled for sometime next week or later. When were they planning on informing me of the schedule change or were they hoping I would forget! This company is terrible and judging from all the bad reviews I hesitate to move forward with this install. Today is Wed. Sept 9th and I have not heard from them AT ALL.
    They demanded 50% payment up front and have held my money hostage for almost 4 months! What kind of business is this?!

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  • Bu
      12th of Oct, 2015

    NJ Hamilton location - I am a builder and deal with scheduling every day. I tried to work with the company I am pretty easy going. first thing 50 % down - so i told them i want an install date prior to deposit and if they could not meet it i was going with the next vendor. So yes that date was available (of course) when i called as directed 2 weeks prior to they actually laughed when i gave them my Job number. They said the needed 8 weeks to fab - but the date was 9 weeks - they would call back in 2 days - no call - i called them set date - but i needed to confirm with carper sub - no call so i called them - they needed week of 10/12 - i said fine they would call back - no call - i call them- they sad they would come a week early - they did not need carpet (although call before it was a better end result - best practice) will call you back Monday - no call - i call them leave message carpet on tract dates are 14, 15, 16 - no call i call no answer - i call the money line (new work) they pick right up then slam me to voice mail- i call back 4 times 4 minutes they looks good we will call you back 10/9 - no call - i call 10/12 no they say i asked for week of 10/19 -- getting the pictures folks - Called back to go over "last phone calls" as i look at my phone notes - no pick up - called sales person - no answer i will keep let everyone know how the install goes.

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  • Cj
      17th of Nov, 2015

    Well I wish I had done my homework and reviewed all of these complaints before signing on with this company. Exact same complaints as listed above and when I finally got the Mgr Roman, after the office girls (Maria & Joanna) kept hanging up on me or transferring me to a phone no one would answer, I told Roman that the "3" referrals I had for Designer Diana, he told me that was sales problem, he was with the installation side. Really!!! They charged a c/c without my authorization and they still owe me product. And they demand payment before they even install. I am checking into california consumer laws about that. However, the installer never asked me for payment nor the information for the card I wanted to use. The Supervisor Mike was supposed to verify if the demo fees were removed as well and he never called me back. We demo'd ourself. We need to YELP this company into closure!!! I am on a campaign. Will see if they rectify their wrong. If they do, I will give credit where credit is due!!!

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  • Ka
      26th of Feb, 2016

    Closets by Design (Shirley, MA) is the mose incompetent, inefficient and unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. I have wasted almost $8000, not to mention 5 days that I had to tak off from work for their installatiom and repairs for shoddy measuring and workmanship.
    My nightmare is similar to many of those offered here. The "installer/repair tech" just left after arriving at 5:10p (12-4p window is a joke) and finding that today, on the 4th service call for mismeasured and mis-cut file drawers, they were STILL wrong. Supposed to be 15" wide. First drawers were 15 1/4 ( drawers too big and could barely open and close...but excuse given? They are cold from being in the truck, ! 2nd set a week later...were 15 1/8 ("they will loosen up and you can use Wd-40 and Vaseline on the slides, and the gouges in the "wood" from the tight slides should get deeper, and that should help". 3rd set brought after 5p today (all appts were on Friday afternoons/evenings but I had to be here from noontime lost 5 half days of work!!!). 3rd set of file drawers? Wait for it...14 3/4". Size required? 15".
    Are you kidding me?
    This, on top of them charging my credit card after the initial installation when I specifically told them I was NOT authorizing ANY charge (job NOT completed and installers invoice was $270 more than signed contract!!
    STAY AWAY FROM CLISETS BY DESIGN!!! POOR QUALITY, POORBUSINESS PRACTICES, ILLEGAL ACCOUNTING/BILLING/PAYMENT PRACTICES, etc. Zero integrity. I feel sorry for the poor woman who answers the phone. I don't think the "service n anager" exists. Even though I have left many, many messages, he has NEVER bothered to return even one phone call or one email.

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  • Nu
      17th of May, 2016

    Colorado. Cheap product, overpriced, and horrible service! They do not stand behind their product because it is garbage, which is why you have to sign the contract and pay 1/2 up front before you can even see the finished product. When I called to stop the 2nd order because the first was so cheap looking they said I couldn't because it had been past the 3 days...the install was 1 1/2 months after I bought it! I thought I ordered ":custom" closets, especially for the price, but what I got was not wood, not pre-fabricated, why did they take measurements when the installer cuts all boards on sight?? I say go to Lowes or Home Depot, where you get REAL wood for less than 1/3 the price!! Avoid this place at all costs or you will pay later with re-do's! Can't believe I fell for this scam.

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  • Hi
      3rd of Jun, 2016

    I ordered Garage Cabinet and they are horrible. First of all the the designer gave me design which i agreed and she explained me about the product and showed me sample as well. When the actual installation date came, the guys got a wrong design the cabinets are actually 3" smaller than the actual design and in contract. The supervisors was super rude when I talked to them. I have to talk to the higher boss to at least talk to someone who is sensible. The higher boss, it seems explained the process which is " the warehouse can change your design and make smaller cabinets as agreed without asking the customer " . This was so STUPID. Anyways some how i got through the situation with so many frustration and un happiness. There quality of work is so bad that it's not even 3 months and my cabinets are falling off. The stage thing is my cabinet is empty. They are super pricy, unprofessional and quality is very very poor. I can't believe that I fell for this scam too. Beware of this company.

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  • Sa
      26th of Aug, 2016

    I am very dissatisfied as well August 26, 2016...Small job..., They came and replaced part of a water damaged small cabinet...cost $475...

    Expensive price for what there was...ok if they would have been professional.

    Making long story short...installer left a mess, did not clean it laundry room..I had to vacuum and mop all of a small laundry room floor, wash with soap and water appliances left covered with dirt ...

    Did not caulk or caulk properly where cabinet moldings fit walls and ceiling, , , , messy job there...

    Took me better part of an hour to clean it up . and removing trash...leaving the caulking.

    After he left, I looked out in my garage he left all the old parts, did not dispose of them. I hauled them away myself.

    Worst part was when I talked to the manager "John" he gave me a bunch of juvenile sass...said "Why didn't you call I would have sent

    someone back out"...I said no, I cleaned it up myself, and I don't have time to sit here with this mess, and wait for some other dufus to show up...

    he did make an appointment to send someone out later to redo the caulk...

    John has no respect for MY TIME...thinks I have time to sit here and wait on them...

    I asked for a price concession, he firmly refused . So I'm disputing it with American Express.. $100 procession...

    The way I see it...I paid top dollar for top service...Part of the job IS SERVICE not just cabinet...and he gave me a bunch of backtalk.

    That was the worst part!

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  • Sa
      2nd of Sep, 2016

    The dispute has been resolved. The manager John, in last lengthy phone call was very understanding and very courteous...They are coming Tuesday to correct all. I am confident they will do so...I'm ready to delete this entire comment, I just can't figure out how...When I do this entire complaint will disappear.

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  • Bu
      1st of Nov, 2016

    Yes, I was going to work for them but decided not. The problem is that they DO NOT fully train their designers. They are supposed to be trained in two weeks time for closet design and financing. The franchisers cram it into a week to avoid paying the designers MINIMUM WAGE for two weeks time. HOW LAME IS THAT? Now you have designers that are not completely trained properly and the company tells them to WING IT!

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  • He
      23rd of Nov, 2016

    Heriberto, Miami.
    I wish I would have looked at the reviews about this company before I called them! I had the worst experience of my life. They are the worst of the worst!! After the designer came in and took the measurements I placed an order to install a closet and she requested a deposit for half of the total cost so I gave her a check. She told me a date one month later for the installation, and told me that they will call me 72 hours in advanced to remind me. The day before of the scheduled installation I called them since I had not received any call from them. The receptionist told me that "she was going to call me right at that moment". Then she told me that they needed to postpone the installation because something unexpected had happened and she rescheduled it for the following week. The new date arrived and I waited all morning for the installer. Nobody came in. In the afternoon I called them and asked for the manager. They told me he was not available and that he would call me back. He never did. After several more attempts to talk to somebody responsible I finally desisted from my efforts. Conclusion: They took my money and did nothing. THIS IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY!

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  • Mo
      18th of Dec, 2016

    SE Aurora, in DENVER.
    BUYER BEWARE!!! Perhaps they have a school to teach how to shaft people of their money. Many similar stories! The material is CHEAP! The installer was great but you can only work with what you get!!! The designer was a joke but was able to shimmy my hubby for money down to keep the prices!
    BIG TIME LIAR! You can get quality for a lot less! They stuck us with 2 drawer sets. Only 3 drawers on each piece: $1700. You can get a used car to work for at least 6months at this price. We are working to get them on the blacklist for the military. Horrible JOKE on us!

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  • Jo
      5th of Jan, 2017

    I had so many issues with the people in this company that the process was exhausting for me. The quality of the materials is cheap and just a year after installation I called to have a faulty lock replaced, it was broken when installed, molding was never attached properly meaning it was just placed on top of the unit and not glued or nailed, the front shoe lips came off and upon inspection are held on by two flimsy nails, the drawers in my jewelry case are crooked and separating. This company had to come to my home numerous times because they did not install and measure properly in the beginning and the owner, Brian Gruber, gave me items that I SHOULD have received with the package I bought but tried to lie and make it sound like he was giving me a great deal when I was scammed from the onset. The owner Brian Gruber told me to remove my original FB post explaining the painful process and refuses to honor the companies LIFETIME WARRANTY because I did not remove the facts on the FB post. I looked through my emails and do not remember getting any emails from Brian and the company knows I have major medical issues and is taking advantage of me. The manager in the warehouse John, was from the beginning of the process, rude and condescending to me and extremely difficult to work with. He acts like he is doing you, the customer a favor. I paid approximately over $10, 000.00 to this company and have been treated so rudely and unfair it is sick. They do not belong in business. So the question is, the owner says that because my FB post was not removed in a timely manner, he is refusing to honor his companies lifetime warranty...knowing that I was extremely ill at the time and some time after. I tried to remind John and Brian of this to no avail but as usual they did not care and hung up on me. Would you do business with a company like this?

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  • Nc
      9th of Jan, 2017

    I am so blessed and thankful that I decided to read reviews on this company because I had an apt with a designer this weekend and I have until today to make a decision. I was really wanting to take advantage of their services but since I have read the reviews, I think I will consider other options. Thanks so much to you all that have written reviews. You all have helped me to not make a very costly decision.

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  • Ab
      9th of Jan, 2017

    I feel your pain. The owner Brian is about as crooked as you can get. I have a brain injury and was told by one of his bullies, John, that they are NEVER going to honor their LIFETIME WARRANTY with me because I for got to delete a post I placed on their page... So my molding were never secured and are coming apart, they also damages many of my walls, the front lips for my shoe closets are falling off, the door they installed in the very beginning is gouged, which the installers did, they installed a faulty lock on my jewelry cabinet and the list goes on. Anyone who can get a lawyer please do and let us start a class action suit against this company. I am looking for a lawyer here in Florida.

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