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I saw ads and videos for a water filter pitcher, so I ordered one even though it was way overpriced ($70). The only instructions were a few pictures and no details. Their website doesn't let customers register so they can track orders or check status, and there is no live chat. They also don't send shipping confirmation. I was very upset when I saw the lid was loose and was apparently designed backward. The water filters slowly. Worse is that when I poured a glass, water flooded all over my counter. I can only use it if I put the pitcher in my sink. They don't give a money back guarantee and refuse to refund money. On their website they state that "customer satisfaction is not currently available at this time". They don't care about customer satisfaction - you buy it, it's yours. On their Facebook page, they don't respond to complaints, simply ignoring angry customers. They also don't respond to emails. This is what they call "customer service". Stay far away from these scammers! I will never order from them again. They conned me once with their false ads on the Internet and their YouTube videos.

Jan 31, 2015
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  • Ba
      23rd of Jul, 2015

    They also enter customers in an automatic refill subscription without their knowledge or permission which isn't stated on their site and refuse to stop charging or debiting the customer's card.

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  • Ka
      17th of Jan, 2016

    I was also tricked into this 'free' pitcher deal ($10 S&H), and don't recall seeing anything during that internet transaction with this company that informed me I was agreeing to receive and pay $150 for three more filters. Well, I just called and spoke with a young woman who said that it was stated on the invoice that you are going to receive three more filters after 45 days if you don't return the pitcher (which costs $70!!). She also said that you are only obligated to buy that first shipment, so your free pitcher is now $160. But you HAVE TO LET THEM KNOW that you do not want future shipments. Here's that #: (877) 404-7240 (company called Perfect Aqua). Be sure to cancel before they hit you up with a second shipment of overpriced filters. Good luck! Kat.

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  • Sa
      29th of Apr, 2016

    The customer service is almost nonexistant. They never answer their service phone number, you have to leave a voicemail for them to call you back. I agree the water filters extremely slowly, only dripping at times right around 2 weeks of use. I have had this pitcher about a year and the results with new filters are the same. I have a family of 5 and fill the pitcher about 4 times a day. The pitcher is poorly designed. The top falls off when pouring water so I have to remove it. The handle is barely strong enough to hold a full pitcher of water and is loose and unsturdy. Altogether the design is quite awkward. Assembling the filter to the the pitcher can be a task. If not tightened properly there will be water leakage, had to have my husband put it together because you really have to crank the thing on there. Quite a hassel. There is misconception about the "free" pitcher, pay only shipping. I was shocked to see the $70 added on to my bill for the cost of the pitcher that was supposed to be free. Filters are quite pricey, $50 per filter and they want to ship 3 at a time. When I finally got through to customer service about 2 weeks later of continuous calling and leaving messages, they did allow me to change how many filters are shipped at a time and how often you want a new filtersshipped. That was good. I originally ordered this filter based on the claim that it filters 90% of the toxic fluoride from tap water. I haven't seen any other filtration pitchers claim to filter out fluoride and it was its major selling point for me. Overall satisfaction with this company is about 2 out of 5 because of the poor design and horrible customer service.

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