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I was a customer at this bridal boutique, and the owner asked me to come work there. She made me manager eventually, but her attitude and micro-managing drove me crazy so I decided my time was up there. I think the final straw was when she told me to move my son's 1st birthday party on a day I had asked off for 3 months in advance because she wanted me to work on a Saturday. The owner accused me of theft the day after I quit. She accused me of taking other things besides money. None of which had any truth behind them. She submitted false police report and charged me with theft. I had to borrow $1500 for a lawyer because I was so scared of what this crazy person was going to do to me next. She also withheld my pay telling the payroll company that I stole from her. Meanwhile, I was behind on bills and borrowing money to cover what she owed. Finally, they told her she could not legally withhold my pay and she refused to pay me all of what she owed. I went in for investigation at police station. Another girl from the store had supplied financial records and witness info in my favor. The owner later fired this girl for presenting evidence against her. Case was dropped due to insufficient evidence that I did anything wrong. The only thing I did wrong was not give my two weeks notice, which pissed her off enough to do this to me. But I couldn't take another second there. I paid thousands of dollars there as a customer and I guess she needed to squeeze a little more out of me. She still hasn't paid me what she owes. She also posted libelous remarks on message boards about me. What a wonderful employer and business person... NOT.

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      18th of Aug, 2012

    A police report is active prosecuting L HOPE (married name) of Arlington, Texas by Classy Concepts for EMPLOYEE THEFT, a crime committed on June 17, 2011. The accused has blonde hair, blue eyes, approximately 5'1" tall, 235 lbs. This complaint claims the accused was the manager, however, payroll documents support she was an hourly associate. All wages were paid in a timely manner in accordance to state law. No other co-workers were involved in the CASH DRAWER THEFT and JEWELRY THEFT accounted for in this crime report and therefore no other co-workers were terminated for being involved in this case. The police report also documents multiple co-worker testimonials supporting the theft report. The complaint initated by the accused on the Complaints Board confirms the financial hardship motive that led her to steal the cash drawer/till from her employer and never to return to the business to address these matters after the crime was committed leaving prosecution as the resolution. Reference the Mansfield Police Department Report and BEWARE. Classy Concepts prosecutes theft in hopes of protecting future businesses from having the same experience from criminals who take advantage by entering a business after hours (supported by Alarm Report) without authorization to commit a crime.

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      18th of Aug, 2012
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    First off, the financial hardship was because you, Sue Scheele (Mansfield76063) - owner of Classy Concepts, was angry that I quit without notice and refused to pay me. In fact, I called you to see why you refused to pay and that's when you made up this story. The company that you used for payroll actually had to go in person and tell you that you were required by law to pay me. You still lied about the hours I worked to avoid paying me as much as possible. This post by you actually shows how crazy you are.. Trying to post my personal information and lying about my weight? Really? That's anything but "classy". I also don't have blue eyes. There was no theft. Another employee WAS fired conveniently after she gave police evidence that nothing was stolen.

    Besides all of this nonsense by Mansfield76063, I was a customer at this business and then became an employee, and then promoted to manager. Because of the owner's sketchy business practices, she worked around paying me what I was owed and made false claims with no proof (besides the fact that there was no crime). I would have never thought that someone could do this to me or anyone else, therefore, I was unprepared. If there's anything to "beware" of, it's this business owner. I'll be forwarding this to my lawyer since this post (again) by Mansfield76063 is libelous and illegal since it contains false criminal accusations.

    Also, I hope every one of your past, current, and future customers sees this and realizes what a bad person you are, Sue.

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      31st of Jan, 2013

    Wow..I will NOT be shopping there..drove by it several times n was planning a girl day w my daughter there..but I am reading this and I totally believe this poor girl..IM OUT ON CLASSY CONCEPTS!

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