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CJ Wade of the Stephen Wade group / specifics

1 hilton drivest george, UT, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 628-5281

I cant speak for everyone but if you want specifics, I have 'em. SCREWED & LIED TO: 1)taste of Brazil buyers & partners, 2) buyers of carpet cleaning business, 3) several old & current employees, 4) his last business partner Tanden who completely got Signature Video off the ground. 5) the owners of auto trim design, the company he forced out of their old building behind Honda/Mazda to begin the rival store Signature video. 6) Neil & his brother at Clearpro, the installers of clearbra who were duped into over ordering material as they were led to believe they would be doing the wade cars. cj learned from them & does them @ his place now. 7) his last partner prior to becoming GM @ wades 8) his secretary who claims to have been hit on constantly by cj. 9) Ed & cory stanger 10) the original owners of the Honda store who leased the building from wades 11) a huge percentage of dis satisfied customers which has become apparent by all these blogs.

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  • An
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    I was in CJ's ward in shadow mountain & thought him to be a pretty nice guy & very personable. I wont be giving out my name as he still lives fairly close by. I Googled his name tonight & found dozens of complaints about him, one as recent as today. I'm not generally like this but have to agree with most of them (minus the vulgarity) This guys real personality comes out when he sees a dime to be made. He took so much advantage of my wife, who trusted him to steer her straight, that I'll never look at him the same. She went there wanting one thing & left with another and paid way too much for it. higher than retail. it's ultimatly her fault for signing but he came at her with so much vigor that she was caught off guard. & my fault for thinking a grown woman wouldnt get taken by a "friend". an past salesman verified our suspicians later when he told us the car was listed for $1900 less than we paid. Of course not being stickered she had no idea. Good luck girls, be careful...or just stay away.

  • Da
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    I have been a supplier to many businesses that do work with the Stephen wade Auto group and can speak freely on this!

    CJ is a great guy that runs the wade auto group currently, the problem is that when they do other businesses to accent selling cars they step on the many subcontractors that do work for the many products that a dealer purchases. Products such as audio/video, Paint touch up, Auto Glass installation, Upholstry, Window Tinting, Auto Detailing, and many other products that a dealership might purchase. Also the Wade group has branched out in other non auto businesses, in doing so they have affected many other groups and small businesses by going in house and not supporting the different businesses associated with their operation, thus most I talk to do not like the Stephen Wade Group and also CJ Wade because he has brokered alot of these side businesses and it has not turned out well for those who were involved. I think they should stick to selling cars and operating it properly and stay out of all the side opportunities that could back fire on their reputation if things go wrong. I am sure it is tempting to branch out in all different areas, but in the end their probably not profitable as the business of sellings cars anyway. I dont blame them for going in house on some things because some of the subcontractors they used did bad work such as Auto Trim Design, and other fly by night small businesses. In a small town there is always about 100 plus individual businesses that do business with the Wade Group and they need to consider as they expand how it affects other businesses and individuals. Im trying to be as neutral as I can from my perspective.
    Sell cars and drop all this side stuff if it is not necessary and get back to being the most dominant and best dealership in southern utah!!!

  • Sh
      15th of Oct, 2011
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    First... To the original complainer - have the courage to use your name and stand tall behind your complaint! Second... Stop whinning, if any business wishes to expand and lower third party costs - good for them... that is just business!!! Your complaint sounds like this is more of a personal feeling than it is some business opinion. Capitalism is full of winners and losers - I personally know CJ and can tell you he is one of the most thoughtful and insightful individuals I have ever known... But he is also a very savvy business man! Stop crying loser!

  • Fo
      5th of Dec, 2011
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    CJ is a dishonest business man, period!

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