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CJ Industries / Internet scam

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Internet Purchase Scam – CJ Industry


In December, 2006 while being on the internet, I inadvertently hit a web site that offered FREE condoms. I placed an order for a type I wished to try out. On 1/5/07, my AMEX credit card was charged $2.97 for the purchase [covering handling and shipping], and shortly thereafter, I received a package containing the condoms I had ordered. Thinking that everything was right at that point in time, I destroyed my notes/web page printout related to the purchase. The mailing envelope from CJ Industry containing the condom order did not have any sales invoice inside or any other reference documents, concerning the transaction. – Only condoms were included in the envelope.

Within a month of the initial shipment, I received a second envelope with an additional order of condoms [which I did not order]…. This time my AMEX credit card was charged $15.99 [higher amount] for the order. Again, there was no invoice inside the envelope describing the reason for the transaction or any reference to the charge to my credit card. The front of the envelope is marked “ non returnable – non refundable.” - so I did not attempt to return the envelope – but held onto it. The mailing label also listed an internet web site as:

Realizing that there was an apparent problem with the second delivery, I called the telephone number listed on my credit card statement [being the vendor contact phone number for the order]. Upon making the call, a machine answered the phone and directed ALL inquiries to the web site. There was no ability to get to a human being to discuss the matter, on this important telephone line, provided on my AMEX credit card statement. As such, my next action was to access the web site. Upon entering the site, I found that there is NO links to/for condom orders – or at least there were none that I could find.

So, at this point in time, I was in a predicament. I could not get to the party sending me the condoms in error – either by telephone or web access, and I could not return the condoms via mail, as per the shipping label legend. My next action was to have the $15.99 charge to my credit card reversed – and it was flagged by me on the reversal thru AMEX as “not authorized” by me. I felt that surely that would trigger an action on the part of the vendor sending me the condoms – and I could explain the error. NO CONTACT WAS EVER MADE WITH ME BY THE VENDOR SENDING OUT THE CONDOM ORDERS. NO PHONE CALLS, NO E MAILS, NO USPS LETTERS. NO …. NOTHING.

This process has continued each month for roughly 9/10 more months – with the most recent condom delivery envelope being received in mid November, 2007. I have tried to call the number listed on the AMEX statement several times over the past 9/10 months – and always get the automated answering machine voice mail message to use the web site. I have also accessed the web site several times and have never found a link to/for condom order processing. AMEX reversed the charges made to my credit card each month, by my telling them the transaction was “not authorized”. AMEX reversed the transactions – not I.

On December 5, 2007, I sent a letter to CJ Industry via US Postal mail– at the address shown on my credit card statements and requested that they stop mailing me condom orders, and that I had never authorized repetitive transactions.

On 12/11/07, I received my first [and only communication from someone at CJ Industry – via an E mail] – advising me that I had agreed to getting repetitive orders of condoms at the time I signed up for the order initially and in effect said that I now owe them over $400. …. And that the matter was being turned over to their collection department. They offered to settle with me for $300, which I declined. I now believe that I was duped at the time the initial order was made – for the reasons stated herein.

The information CJ Industry now says that I agreed to initially is new information to me. Until, 12/11/07, I was never aware of and had never seen that information. I did not see it on the web site when I placed the initial order; and if I had seen it, I would NEVER have placed the order. My most recent access to the web site [given to me by CJ Industry yesterday] - states at the top of the web page “try it FREE [while the supply lasts”]…… They have now given new meaning to the word FREE, by their underhanded / devious acts.

Until I got the e mail yesterday, I did not know of or have a record of the condomrave web site, as listed above. The other language in the bottom portion of the condomrave web page sites additional purchase requirements and penalties for transaction reversals [$25. per] – is also language that I never saw – until yesterday – 12/11/07….. And it also lists cancellation requirements, which likewise was new information to me. Whether or not it was on the web page I accessed 12/06, initially, is mere conjecture. I did not see it – EVER – until yesterday. I don’t believe it was present at the time I accessed the web page – but I cannot prove it at this point in time.

CJ Industry NEVER made an attempt to contact me [having seen 10 monthly credit card reversals made by AMEX], until AFTER they received my letter. I should have been contacted after the first charge reversal. I was NEVER contacted. CJ Industry NEVER provided me with access to the condomrave web site in any of the condom deliveries they sent to me. Their fraudulent game is to find people who don’t know how to cancel the order [or ones that do not monitor their credit card charges]; and to continue mailing them monthly condom orders, and racking up over $40., per month in fees [$15.99 +$25. fee reversal fees], and to not do anything until after they get a letter, such as the one I mailed to them on 12/5/07. This could have gone on for years ….. and CJ Industry would be waiting, and waiting, for the attempt to cancel. And then billing considerable amounts out, [with threatening language], which some parties may pay. I will not pay for something that I did not agree to.

This is a SCAM and will not be tolerated!!

New Info: I just learned that CJ Industries has very recently changed their web pages - which now gives information as to cancellations of orders and termination instructions. This is NEW Data and was not present earlier. I believe they are manipulating their web pages and we consumers are being taken advantage of.

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  • Do
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    I received the envelope that was torn open and delivered to the post office without product first off the product was supposed to be delivered by fedex and this probably woul not have happened i would like a refund or replacement.

  • De
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    you need to go there, file a complaint.

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