Ciee, high school / Atrocious bad experience

1 Portland, United States

We had a horrible nigthmare with Ciee:s " high school " program. Ciee placed our teen in danger many times but does not admit any mistakes from their part. Ciee blames it ALL on the student. Hostfamily#1 had another family living with them. I was not given any information about those extra people. Hostfamily#2 father ( Arnel Sison who is a counsellor in Inglewood school. I feel so sorry for his students and parents be informed) had anger control issues ( yelled an told our teen to [censored] off, left our teen alone for days for example over christmas holidays, left our teen to a grocery store because he got angry, threw his shoes out...).
When we asked for another family, Ciee issues a" warning letter" for not adjusting to that kind of family!! And local coordinator (Peter Porciuncula) tells me that he thinks my teen is telling me a string of lies!!!
Ciee's Support director Laragh Kavanaugh also ordered unnecessary vaccinations to our teen. That shows her total incompetence. Hostfamily#3 was decent, but Laragh kept harassing our teen and threatened to send our teen home if this family is not satisfied. When there was no problem with the family, Ciee said our teen is not doing well enough in school and organized his dismissal!! At this point he had attended Corona high school for a month. The school start was delayed because of Ciee's problems with families and vaccinations.
The dismissal procedure by Ciee: the vice president of participant services Keith Stone, sent support manager Aaron Schuit from Portland, Maine, to take our teen out of this family who would have kept him till the end of the contract. Aaron Schuit took our teen to a LOCAL hotel, which was totally unnecessary and suspicious and scary behaviour from Ciee!! Aaron had thanked our son for being dismissed because that is why he got to travel to California!!! The next day our teen was threatened to be taken to jail if he did not go to LAX with Aaron.
I want to inform other parents and students about Ciee's traumatic an extremely unfair practises. They do not admit their own mistakes and they do not compensate their own mistakes. Instead they take your money and mistreat your teen and there seems to be a pattern of making students want to leave early/ send them home early with no refunds off course.
Ciee is not trustworthy. Their ways of operating are completely incompetent and harmfull to the student. Also the marketing is missleading. They do not have quality families. And the 24hour support is not existing. They just accuse and threaten you.
Support director Laragh Kavanaugh and Director of participant services Keith Stone's behaviour is disturbed and evil. And I do not understand how they are allowed to behave that way.
Check the background of those numerous directors and vice presidents and the biggest biss too!

Robbed, terrified and shocked mother of a teen abused by Ciee

Aug 11, 2014

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