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Chipsmart Computer Outlet Inc. / Bad service

1 United States
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I bought a full computer from this company. The guy I bought it from was very rude, and didn't like the fact that I was trying to customize my computer. I ended up just going with one of their "packages" because he tried to charge an arm and a leg for changes. I bought it at the actual store in Austin, and I even bought a four year warranty. I got the computer a week later then they had told me. I immediately returned the monitor. It had what appeared to be a demagnitized quarter circle in the upper right hand corner. Later on I returned the floppy drive. It wouldn't read disks after they had been written to. I then returned CDROM. On some CDs it would spin up and start clicking very loudly. My hard drive, which was supposed to be UDMA would never run in DMA mode. If I turned DMA on, it would entirely corrupt all the data on my hard drive. I should have taken it back, but I never did. I thought at first it was a problem with Windows, but then when the same thing occured in Linux, I knew it was the drive. Now two years later the drive has completely failed, and my floppy drive is dead again. I took the floppy drive back a second time but the ChipSmart store was closed, but supposedly someone else was handling their warranty work. So I took it to this other business. They said they had been given a whole bunch of the ChipSmart floppy drives, and I showed him the warranty and he replaced it. A few months later this drive has stopped working also. Also, I had to replace the modem they gave me twice, that was while they were still in business. If you think this is just me, my friend had similar problems. He bought a computer shortly after I did, and he had to return the monitor (burnt out pixels), the CDROM twice (just didn't work), and a video card (just didn't work), Technically, I'm still under warranty for my computer, but I don't know if I'll be able to replace any of these lately failing parts, because the guy who was doing the warranty work, said he stopped because ChipSmart had never paid him. Now their website says they're closed, and frankly whenever I tried to bring a faulty item back they basically treated me like a liar and I don't really feel like messing with them to try and get anything more replaced, even though there is a number I could call on the website.


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