Central Kia Of Lewisville / Deceptive Sales Tactics

In December 2008 I decided to look into purchasing a new car. I looked at the dealer where I take my current car in for servicing, Central KIA Lewisville. I filled out a form online and was contacted by a salesgirl, one Misty. I told her I had a trade in and asked what kind of financing I could get. She took a credit application over the phone and called back later saying I had been approved for 0% financing.

As I was browsing the vehicles on the internet website I came across a 2007 Kia Rondo with a suspiciously low price, stock # [protected], VIN KNAFG525977027286 that was listed at 11, 838. I called and asked Misty if this was a misprint or a mistake and she assured me that the advertisement was correct and that the car was available. So I decided to drive into the dealership and see it for myself.

When I got to the dealership and asked to speak to Misty I was told to have a seat and she would soon be out. I had to wait a bit too long and soon a salesman came out and told me he would be assisting me. I told him I wanted to see the Kia Rondo that was selling for 11-something. He said he would go get the keys.

I was kept waiting far too long again and I began to get suspicious. Finally someone came out and introduced himself as the sales manager.” I should have gotten his business card. I asked him why I was being passed from salesperson to salesperson and he told me he was not a sales person, he was a sales manager. I asked him if there was a problem, and he told me the vehicle I wanted to see had been sold.

Lie number 1.

I asked him how it was that a vehicle that had bee listed on the website an hour ago had been sold . He said they had sold several cars that day. He asked me if I would be interested in another car. I told him I didn’t think so. He asked me what kind of monthly payment I wanted, and I said around $200. I also said I wanted 0% financing. He informed me solemnly that they did not have 0% financing.

Lie number 2.

At that point I wisely got up and walked out, not before telling him that not only would I not be buying a car from him, but that I would not be bringing my car in for servicing there as well.

The sales department of Central KIA Lewisville is clearly trying to lure people in to the dealership with false and misleading advertising in the hopes that they can then dupe the people into buying something more expensive. They should be avoided.

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