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This woman is base in Marbella, Spain, her website business is [protected]@GMX.COM, she sell a counterfeit brands online, she also have a lot platform for her business like FACRBOOK, I also being come across with few people that are being ripped off from this business, I bought a $1000.00 LOUIS VUITTON bag I did send it for authentication, and come back as a replica, I did the payment through bank wire, so can someone help, and tell me how I can get my money back?


  • Updated by Melanie Cherry, May 13, 2017

    I bought I purse online the website is, CCBELLAVITA E.U, I came across through FCEBOOK, I paid a $1000. for COUNTERFIET purse a LOUIS VUITTON FELICIE POCHETTE, I send it for authentication, and came back as a replica, they email is [protected]@GMX.COM, I also find out that she screw a lot more people with thousands of dollars, please if someone see post, help out to stop this people, there business is only online, and they claim that they base in Marbella, Spain,

May 12, 2017
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  • Th
      24th of Jul, 2017

    The complainant's real name is Melanie Cribas, however she is using numerous aliases to make her attack against the online store CCBellaVita.

    CCBellaVita specialise in the sale of pre-owned branded products, all of which are authentic and all of which can be proven as such. The product purchased in this case was an authentic ladies handbag (called a "purse" in the U.S.), as we can evidence with the original purchase receipts (as issued by the Louis Vuitton retailer who made the original sale).

    The complainant was invited to make her complaint via the proper channels. Instead, she elected to undertake a defamatory campaign, which not only includes posts to multiple complaint boards (such as this), but also sending thousands of offensive emails, threatening emails and messages, etc., etc.

    The matter has been reported to the relevant U.S. police department and a criminal investigation has been authorised by the State Attorney General's Office in question. In addition to the U.S. police authorities, Europol have also been notified of this attack.

    Documentation confirming these facts has been provided to this board, but they have elected to ignore it, instead preferring to host defamatory and libelous content and then hide behind the CDA (Communications Decency Act), defined by Wikipedia as "a US law found partially unconstitutional". Of course defamatory reports such as this one can only be found on U.S. websites because under under the European Directive 2000/31/EC (Article 14) it would be an offence to host defamatory content in addition to aiding and abetting in a criminal act.

    Notwithstanding, it is fair to state that not all of these boards are without moral and responsibility. We can cite as an example, who after having also hosted a post, responded with the following message once they were made aware of the facts:

    "After reviewing this information, as well as reviewing Yoogis Closet for its credibility in assessing genuine items, we have decided to permanently remove the negative comments regarding your business. We have additionally refreshed our automated rating system for your domain, so your domain will be re-assessed disregarding these previous claims. Many thanks for your cooperation and patience."

    All credit to (and numerous other similar platforms), who once made aware of the facts decided to act morally and responsibly (unlike this platform).

    CCBellaVita have also retained independent legal counsel in the U.S. to seek both compensatory and punitive damages in a civil court.

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  • Az
      25th of Jul, 2017

    Bank wire, Western Union and anything that is not a credit card spells trouble. The charge cards arte the only payment organization that has a guarantee Why do people still send money that can never be returned? . Want it stopped Ms Cherry? Don't send money..use a charge card..if the sitge doesn't take charge cards..LEAVE

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  • Le
      2nd of Aug, 2018

    They changed the website name to BE AWARE OF THIS WEBSITE!!!

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