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I applied for an instant money loan as I was behind in my electric and they are going to cut me off! I didn't get loan and borrowed from somewhere else. But now cashoo has taken money from my bank I now can't pay my electric and am going to be cut of at 5pm I am a single mum with 2 babys. THis is appaling beware of Cashoo. They are not answering my calls !

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  • Jo
      May 24, 2011 - They are avoiding my request for refund and cancellation of my membership
    United States

    I have recently visited Website where I part completed an application. The company took 74.79 from my account within 48 hours I have not and will not make any use of there Services and have contacted them in regards to this. They are avoiding my request for refund and cancellation of my membership. They provide an Address to formally cancel the membership however it seems the company is not at that address. Calls to the financial services authority and office of fair trading have drawn a blank as they have no registration Details for them leading me to believe the company may well be trading illegally. Also I can not reply to their e-mail Address which means I have to use the contact link on. Their site which is a very drawn out process.

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  • Mi
      May 25, 2011 - Stay away from this one
    United States

    I was looking at companys for a payday loan wherr i found a company which asked bank details and submitted the claim when i submited the claim the bank detaila screen appeared again so i inputted the details the detais when inputting the details realised another company had appeared.on the screen so i closed the screen obviously not.realising they had saved my details i did.not.log on to.cashoomoney at all yet they have manages to take.monwy from my accont i did not agree to their terms or conditions etc.

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  • Gi
      Feb 13, 2012

    We have been using paymentasia plateform for our online payment since June 2010. Paymentasia use CASHOO has the merchant name appearing on our clent's credit card statement.

    Late December 2011 we received a notification from PAYMENTASIA stating that they are changing their plateform and will be back online within few days (I have all exchanges e-mail in file). Sure enough, they did not got back online and further informed us that their bank in the UK refuse to pay them.

    Then paymentasia sent us a press realease from the owner of the company, Kenneth Lai, stating he was traveling to UK to defend us and get us paid.

    After many complaints to them and been asked to be patient and positive they informed us that our dues and regular payments would be back to normal at the beginning of February.

    Nothing happened and they do not answer anymore to our message. Cashoo, from the beginning, remained silent.

    They owe us over US$13, 000.00. I am about to invite all our clients who paid us using paymentasia plateform and were charged by CASHOO to file a fraud report and dispute their charges.

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  • St
      Jul 08, 2012

    Paymentasia is one big shining scam:
    1. They will stop the settlements at a certain moment claiming funds were frozen claiming it will soon resume.
    2. Commission are one big fraud: They charge extra commissions for currency exchange with fraudulent rates (4%)
    3. Technology sucks - Some of the payments will not be reported.


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