Carly Brooke Avraham " Elite Imaging / The offender and Elite Imaging a Fraudster| HIPPA Violation

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One Florida-based health system may be in some serious HIPAA hot water after one of its employee reportedly leaked and alledgedly sold over 900 medical records for patients who sought treatment at a Weston based imaging center. It is alledged that Dr. Mark Zhuk of Elite Imaging, LLC of Weston, Florida and Carly Brooke Avraham, a technician, conspired to sell confidential patient information for more than more than 900 patients. Elite Imaging, MAZ 18 LLC and Dr. Mark Zhuk are affiliated with Jackson Memorial Hospital. The Office Of Civil Rights, a federal HIPPA enforcement agency is studying and a copy of the complaint details all of the violations of federal statute. The OCR has a record of strict compliance and violators can be fined up to $50, 000 per violation. Both Elite Imaging and Carly Brooke Avraham are bound by the federal law and thus liable for HIPAA privacy and security violations. The State Of Florida Department Of Health also may investigate and place all licenses of all parties involved in suspension. Jackson Memorial Hospital had no comment on at the time of this article.HIPAA violation fines involving cases of willful neglect can reach $50, 000 per violation, with a $1.5 million annual maximum. As far as Elite Imaging LLC is concerned, nobody at their office was aware of the investigation or accepted responsibility for the massive violations. "There is no investigation and we are not aware of any allegations and Ms. Avraham still works here". If an Elite Imaging/Dr. Mark Zhuk employee did provide these medical records to the public without consent, this would constitute a massive case of violation of HIPAA. And it wouldn't be Dr. Mark Zhuk's and Elite's first HIPAA breach, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Nov 28, 2015

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