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Car Rental / undisclosed added on fees

1 United States

I rented a car for $135 and the final bill was $257.62. When Hertz gave me an estimate of $181 after selling me on $135, I was floored...but $257.62?

I recently had to rent a car in Dallas, TX. I contacted Hertz and found the best they'd do for me was $138.

Please proceed to express counter for service
Minimum Age 25 outside US - Exceptions may apply

The total rate for your SPECIFIC RATE was calculated based on
the following:

Your rate has been discounted by 04 %
Rate is guaranteed. Taxes, fees and extras, if not included in the Rate, are subject to change.
Base Amount:
Day: 1 Day at 135.35 USD

I hated paying that much to use a car just to drive from Dallas to a location MapQuest says is less than 200 miles, and takes under 4 hours to drive. However, I was in a bind. So with taxes and whatever the email confirmation from Hertz showed that my rental should cost about

Total Approx. Charges: 181.43

I get a credit card bill of $257.62. I don't know how other people feel, but I think that is an exhorbitant jump from $135.35 to $257.62. So I called just now and asked how we got from 135.35 to $257.62. The gentleman at Hertz, who was curt with me and totally unapologetic, said there was a $60 fuel charge but did agree to reduce that to $30. Then there was 22.44 for the "Airport Concession Fee" - really now? And why didn't you tell me that on the confirmation along with the estimate that you gave of $181.43? He said they don't know what the fee is going to be. Really? Can't even make a wild guess? It would be nice to know those extra charges. And then there was $24.78 in sales tax. Gee, but I would think "Total Approx. Charges" as Hertz calls it would include the SALES TAX!

So it cost me, with the adjustment just given, $220.55 to drive a little car (which, by the way, had scratches all over the outside, dirty grease marks all inside the car, hail damage on the roof, a dent in a fender area, and burn holes in the upholstery!) less than 200 miles.

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