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Business Lending Services / Scam

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Donald Robinson, Don Robinson, Donald J. Robinson Business Lending Services SCAM!!!

Do not do business with this SOB. He will tell you all about how he is a religious Christian and therefore he always keeps his word. He is very convincing. He will tell you sad stories about how his wife left him so he has to raise his children on his own. He does this to gain your sympathy and trust. This is NOT a man of his word. He is just a very crafty, thief, lire and a crook.

I personally know of other people he has taken in his scam. I regretfully referred him one of them.

Here is how his scam works. He tells small businesses that he will get them a loan and the banks he works with use him as the underwriter because of so many years of trust he has earned with them. What ever your loan is, and what ever your situation is, if he likes you then he can get it done. The only thing is you just need to put up about $4, 000 first and he then gets 2% of whatever funds from his efforts. When the questions arises, what if the loan doesn't fund, he exclaims that he is a Christian and a man of his word and therefore if it doesn't fund he will give you the money back. He needs the upfront fee because you might not want the loan in the 30 to 60 days and then he is out all of his efforts. Sounds reasonable. The only thing is if he can't get you a loan he doesn't honer his word and keeps the $4k. Of the others that I know of taken by his scam, I am the only one that made him put it in writing that I get my $4k back if he can't fund my loan in 60 days. When I tried to talk with him about it he just made insulting remarks and hung up on me. He complained that he now gets nothing for all his work. During the 2 and a half months after I paid the $4k he broke several meetings without notice and didn't put one actual loan app in front of me to sign. He said he would but he never did.

I am now taking him to small claims court to get my money back.

He will also tell you about all of the different business he is working with that can use your services so it will be a double win because he can bring you business as well.


After a month or two of missed commitments and out right flaking, he becomes real aggressive and obnoxious. If you express any concern about the time line he gives you or why he does not do what he claims, he will casually say things like, "get in line behind my other clients waiting two years for a loan" or "if you don't like it, fire me.

PS: he has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau

I intend to create a class action lawsuit against him for Fraud. If you would like to join this lawsuit please email me at donrobinsonclassaction AT

I also advise you to file a complaint with the CA AG. I am currently checking to see if he has even filed with the state's attorney generals office as a Credit Service Organization and paid the $100, 000 bond required by California Civil Code section 1789.25 I highly doubt he did.

Beware of this man. He is not the religious good guy he claims to be.

Donald Robinson, Don Robinson Business Lending Services SCAM!!!

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  • Sa
      2nd of Jul, 2015
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    You are welcome to contact me because I had a Private Investigator friend of mine run his background and boy you don't know the half of it!! HE IS A SCAM ARTIST & A CROOK!!! You are welcome to contact me for more info.. FYI- I am suing him in Sm Claims Ct. very soon.. email me at

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