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BullsEye Telecom / Stay away from BullsEye Telecom!

1 United States Review updated:

Bullseye Telecom convinced me to switch from AT&T/SBC, promising to save me money on my phone bill, at least $5.00 per month. (I typically pay $38.00 per month to AT&T) I got my first bill, and was
surprised to find that it cost me $5.00 more per month. I called to complain, and cancel the service, and Bullseye sent a final bill that totalled nearly $140.00

I would like to warn everyone to stay away from bullseye telecom.


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  • St
      17th of Oct, 2006
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    I've been with Bullseye for 5 years now and i would never change carriers again. I save money, excellent customer service and I don't have to wait on the line for 20 min to get a representative on the line.

  • Kg
      8th of Nov, 2006
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    BullsEye - Service disconnection problem
    United States

    After multiple attempts to disconnect BullsEye claims that if they don't have a disconnect work order number they will not discontinue my service with them. Despite me being the customer and telling them to discontinue service they refuse. My new VOIP provider has called them and still they refuse. They apparently think I will continue to pay bills for a service I am not using. I have asked for supervisors who have also refused to discontinue the service. I have never heard of such an company who thinks they can force you to keep their service. My log distance provider immediately discontinued their service as soon as I asked. BullsEye apparently has a different set of rules.

  • De
      14th of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes

    I was consistently lied to about billing by BullsEye. When I switched from Verizon, I was told that I would save approximately $40/ month on my small business' phone charges. Instead it was slightly more. When I called to complain about being misled, I was told they didn't have to disclose any fees in their quote. The customer service representative assumed I was planning to change providers, and encouraged me to wait a week until the end of my billing cycle, to avoid early termination charges. I did this, and was charged for another whole month of service! When I called again, I was told that they don't prorate, so I was responsible for this whole month of service that I didn't use.

  • Vi
      16th of Feb, 2007
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    Bullseye is a nightmare. I agree with staying away, they convince you by lying, then your first bill is really cheaper because it is only 1/2 a billing cycle. It is actually $5 higher than my bill was previously with the local company. Then they have a automatic yearly contract renewal which they do not tell you when you can cancel, you have to call over a month in advance or they will not grant you month to month. I have cancelled and called 5 different people and have been lied to. No one knew anything and they said my contract was renewed. They lied just to get my contract to renew. After much frustration and arguing over they phone they granted me my ability to leave their company. DO NOT SIGN ON!!! They do not let you out of your contract. I am still waiting for my line to switch so I am anticipating more trouble. They "yes" you to death over the phone and waste your time. A HUGE SCAM OF A COMPANY!!!

  • Ja
      19th of Apr, 2007
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    I have had the same bad experience with BullsEye Telecom. I was promised a cheaper rate and when I received the bill it was higher than promised. When I asked that they go back and check the recording that being taken of the deal, their response was that there was none and that the employee had left the company. They even couldn’t get the records from the third party that confirmed the order. And that took them three tries to get it together because of missed questions and information collected was not done properly. I also received a bill for the same period of time (on the same number) that was with Verizon after I left Bull’s-eye. Now over a year later I received a collection notice for a $66 bill they say is outstanding.

  • Ra
      16th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Here is the scoop about BullsEye Telecom Ok. They are a reseller of AT&T and have no true local physical switching capability. They resell AT&T, Quest and Verizon depending on were your business resides in a certain geographical territory. They are now targeting larger business with multiple locations, mostly small retail outlets (hair salons, gas stations, restaurants, dry cleaners) they do provide services to some very large companies but only on the local access line side of the house. They do provide some data but the companies infrastructure is not capable of handling anything above 1.544 mphs T1's at this point. They recently purchased an Optiman Connection from AT&T and are offering 5,10,20 and 50 meg either net hand off's in a test market. Again this is just a resold product from AT&T and is not part of there own network. BullsEye will tell you that they are bonding to the major Telecom companies but only to process orders to port and control features. They have a VoIP solution in Michigan and offer services over T1's similar to other CLEC's. They are higher in price compared to larger CLEC's and do not have a large product offering. The big niche they claim to have is there world class account management and personal attention to their customers. Recently the entire account manager division was eliminated and their sales force has an extremely high turnover rate. Please do not believe there Crafty sales rep's when they tell you about how great the attention to detail is and the low attrition rate of 2%. They are no different than any other CLEC and they also have very high Surcharges on the invoices. The PRI product is hosted by 123 NET and again is just resold by BullsEye. A little information about 123 Net is that they are just a little 10 man operation supporting 200-300 large business. Believe me they have gone down again and again. Trust me pay the extra money and stay with AT&T or XO. Which brings me to another point they resell XO PRI's outside of Michigan and by the time you buys a T1 circuit from these guys you are getting a Tier 3 or Tier 4 product. Please be aware the reporting capabilities of these T1's is in no Comparison to Verizon or AT&T's managed services.

    Basically the services is nothing special and you can get advance billing options from AT&T or the local LEC. BullsEye is nothing more than a Middleman that marks up your invoice and increases your bottom lines spending. My business has lost thousands of dollars due to outages cause by their VoIP fusion products and their Crap PRI services. In addition to poor connectivity issues they have also charged me much, much more that what the sales rep proposed. When I disputed charges with there CFO Peter Larosa he would not even return my call. My sales rep since has quit and cannot be reached and the sales manager in Grand Rapids has not returned my phone calls (Jerk). Maybe he quit too. Basically I was told I would save over 10K in the first year and I have spent over 3K more that with TDS and AT&T. I should have just worked out better pricing and stayed were I was. Thanks alot BULLSEYE Telecom or should I say BULLS*IT Telecom!

  • Jo
      16th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Wow, I have been having problems with BullsEye Telecom since May of 2006 and I have just had it with this company. I have called customer services and it's sad to say the only promise this company or my sales rep and sales manager has promised is fast customer services when calling the number. The only problem is that I have called them about 15 times over the past year for outages. I was with TDS and I will admit the bill is much less each month and the internet runs better than it did before but the service is just not reliable. I thought this VoIP thing would be a great fit with my law practice but I was wrong. But I am really mad about is that this ### SALES MANAGER DENNIS MUNSON does not return my phone calls. I am trying to break this contract and go back to AT&T or TDS were I know at least my services will always be up and running. My sales rep has left and is no longer with the company she was very nice and responsive but she is gone and I have no one to turn to.

    Although when taking to network op's it's hit or miss. One net op's guy is on the case and the other Jeff D does not want to get the job done. My advice is stay away from this god for shaken company. I do not know who the hell runs' this but they are a bunch or money hungry brainless ###s.

  • Do
      6th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Sunday afternoon, Jan 6, 2008. Phone lines snapped. Repair calls go to AT&T, referred to Bullseye Telecom as our carrier for repair. Business lost, not response from Bullseye Telecom until Monday morning. THANKS for making my job easier.

  • Go
      19th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    MR Circle K. Please just take your service back to were they belong verizon AT&T. I will say this though any company with a lot of locations that has a mess of billing can be fixed by bullseye. They will come in and find all of your telephone numbers and get everything on one nice bill. The best thing about it is that they will not make you sign any contracts. I mean you can have 400 locations and 800 lines and they will come in and clean everything up and put you on a month to month contract. Then just hire a company like enrest communications and they will get you the best rates from the main carrier in your region. Just one more way to take the ### out of BullsEye Telecom. Also make sure you don't sign long term contracts with this company. They believe in short contract terms with High priced services.

  • Ni
      29th of May, 2008
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    BEWARE!!!This company is a rip off ! Let me start by sayin I am a real estate agent and I talk alot .I switched to bullseye for their unlimited plan and got my first bill and it was about 60 dollars higher than I thought so I paid it thinking that was installation charges.The next month my bill was over 400 dollars and when I spoke to the rep she told me there was nothing I could do because I paid the first bill and that I only had 200 calls allowed per month.I quickly swithched back to AT&T and then was informed that their cancellation fee was 5000.00 and I had to make a deal with their collection agent and I am still paying.

  • Si
      24th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    BullsEye Telecom is horrible. The service is horrible and the prices are high. Sign up if you want to burn your money.

  • Mi
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is a horrible company. I purchased a cafe this month and switched service to verizon. They are now trying to make me pay 350 dollars to terminate service. They are also very pushy on the phone.

  • Mi
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    A current Bullseye sales person has told me that their reps are encouraged to lie to customers regarding hidden charges. Also, they don't quote 'real' rates, thye quote a discount off some 'target' rate. This way, they can't get pinned down when customers complain, and instruct their sales people to use this tactic. They are very disreputable.

  • Mm
      15th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow, This takes the cake:

    Bullseye woke up 31 months (2 and a half years) after we terminated the service and raised invoices on us for the last 31 months. We had moved after the termination and now they have come back with invoice for the period that we were never in the premises. The company confirmed the diconnects but never informed their billing department.

    Is there any agency that we can complain to?

  • Bo
      30th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Checkk out the Detroit area Better Business Bureau re this company. They advise against doing business with . . .
    Wish I had seen this earlier, I tried t reach my salesperson re billing issues and she is gone. Lots of turnover here indicates a sinking ship.

  • Bo
      30th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Also check out website "[redacted] for Consumers" to see many additional complaints . . .

  • Er
      25th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thanks for the insight, Bob - I wish I'd checked the BBB before going under contract with Bullseye for phone service at each of my 51 restaurant locations. The company did exactly what was repeatedly stated above by multiple people - they gave me a price, my rep assured me personally that they were a reputable and fast-growing company, and that I would save a specific amount as a minimum (16% monthly). Not only was my first bill substantially higher than promised, but I received the same treatment when calling to dispute the charges and find out where the discrepancy was. Surprise, surprise - my rep was gone, and after going in circles, a sales manager (who was totally rude) FINALLY called me back almost a full 3 weeks later to tell me that because they do not sell their own services, but are a reseller, those charges are completely standard and he is sure my rep would have told me that. I recommend you NEVER do business with this company - save yourself headache, time, and money and go with a reputable company for your phone service!! Bullseye is THE WORST.

  • Gi
      14th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Guys, if you don't like BullsEye, so go and sign up with Pulse Telecom. For $24.95/month you can make unlimited phone calls to Canada and USA (land line and cellular) and also to 16 European countries. All the calls are included in this plan.
    I'm with Pulse Telecom and I'm satisfied.
    Tel#: 732-217-6309

  • K2
      2nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello!, BullsEye is just a typical CLEC in Telecom Terms... or a very complicated middle-man (thanks the FCC) in Layman's Terms.

    If your serious about complaints then Google FCC Complaint or visit the FCC Complaint Page

  • Ro
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been a Bullseye customer for a lot of years now and have never had even one issue. I have more than 150 locations, totaling over 2, 000 phone lines that they manage. Not only do they consolidate my invoices and break down my usage, they provide a single point of contact for all requests and service calls. For any carrier where they have bulk reselling deals, their pricing is lower, period. For any carrier where they are not a reseller, they rebill for an additional fee. So, in some cases it is cheaper to go with the LEC; however, if you have multiple locations, having them rebill the account and manage the invoice is worth the nominal charge.

    Bottom line, being in multiple locations in multiple states, I have to deal with multiple carriers which have horrible customer service. Because I often do not have enough locations with some carriers to qualify for anything more than small business rates, I pay more in those locations that I should. With Bullseye I do not have that issue and am guaranteed at least 30% off of tariff rates. Today, Bullseye saves me more than $30, 000 per month versus what I was paying with the LECs. And because of the consolidated billing I save half a head count because of the reduced invoice auditing.

    Having just 5 phone lines in a single location does not allow you to benefit from true impact of Bullseye's services and the complaints on this site are unfair. If you have multiple lines in multiple locations, Bullseye is the best decision you could ever make.

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