Budget Inn / this is the most disgusting experience ive ever had

So my husband an I came into town late saturday night checked in at first reasonable rated room in fayetteville nc. The first room they sent us to had food everywhere and messed up beds, we turned an walked back to the office. They moved our room and once we turned on the lights we notice our new “cat fur” flooring the motel offered. As it was so late i waited till morning to go speak to someone about at least offering a vacuum. The vacuum doesnt work so i got a broom from the housekeeper-the only one housekeeper they have I have swept everyday gathering bags full of hair each time. Right outside our door there is a sign hanging that says absolutely no pets allowed in the rooms, clearly they do not enforce these policies. Nor do they supply their employer with proper equipment to clean the rooms. I am surely going to check more out before paying anyone my money I mean this is the most disgusting experience Ive ever had.

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