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1 Kona International Airport, United States
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I made a reservation online and received what I thought was a reasonable quote. Upon checking in at the KOA airport, the front desk told me my car was not available and offered me an "upgrade". I was in a rush and didn't ask questions as I was late for a dinner appointment and since I was told the upgrade was a terrific deal of $65 per day. When I returned the rental car, I learned the truth -- it was an ADDITIONAL $65 to my previously quoted rate I received when I made my reservation online. My final bill was almost doubled what I had originally "budgeted" for. I think Budget is a scam with dishonest employees. The manager there (Adam Spaulding) didn't help and was unsympathetic nor did he acknowledge my RAPIDREZ membership. I can see why customers consistently rate Budget so low relative to other car rental companies and why Budget is considered a third-rated car rental company by my peers and frienrds. I'm going back with Hertz. They have excellent customer service and would never, ever pull something like that. Budget can't get away with this. And it will not.

Jan 2, 2015

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