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Blue Diamond Subscriptions


I'm shocked with their actions

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Blue Diamond Subscriptions
United States
I have a knock at my door and open it up to a nightmare.

Ashley Carman is knocking on my door; she’s selling magazines for ASU. For a communication class. She is trying to win a scholarship for next semester. I let her in, she asks to use the bathroom, I let her. When she comes out I ask her a few questions about ASU, I really went there. I ask her who the head football coach is didn’t know. I’m starting to get worried who is in my house. I leave the room to fetch my pistol. When I come back she’s sitting on my couch and has her sales pad out and writing on it. I had my mail on the table she picks up letter and starts writing; she then addresses me by the first name on the letter. (My brother) I just listen to her, she goes on and on. Not letting me get a word in edgewise. She just kept over talking me. I listen when she came to the part where I had to pick out the magazines she was silent. I was just looking at her thinking who is this person in my living room? I’m not scared I have a gun in my back pocket.

I told her I wasn’t interested in the magazines. She said all I had to do was pick out 3 to show her boss she was working. I didn’t have to buy anything just pick 3 magazines off of her list. So I pick 3 random magazines off the list, that’s when she said for me to write a check and them I could cancel it and she would get the points for her scholarship. WHAT? Now it sounds like a scam.

So I say let me call my wife and see if she wants any magazines that we could just order from her and not cancel my check, I explained to her that my bank charges $35.00 for me to cancel a check. I could just order a magazine from her and save my hard earned money. (I’m a truck driver) I leave the room and call my wife; I explained to her what was going on in our home right now. She said keep her there and she was going to call the police. So I go back to the room. I noticed my checkbook was moved. So I go up and grasp my checkbook and put it in my pocket.

I start to ask questions about ASU again. I don’t think she has ever been on ASU campus, she didn’t know where the admin building was. I couldn’t take it anymore, I told her I went to ASU and they don’t have anyone selling magazines for any classes there. It’s a private college and they don’t do fundraisers.

That’s when the truth just spilled out.

She said she travels all over the country living in hotels for a week at a time. Long enough to stay one step in front of the cops. The cops are always looking for them because they have people with warrants and the boss lets them smoke pot and some people are smoking crack on her crew. She then tells me if she doesn’t sell any magazines that her boss was going to beat her up.

WOW. Is this America, I never heard anything like this.

I live in the country, about 25 minutes for the sheriff to respond, this is way too much for me to handle. I just want her to leave, with her drama. I told her I don’t want any magazines and ask her to leave. She starts crying and asks if there is anything sexual she can do for me to place the order. Again WOW. I told her I’m married and she said she didn’t care; she would be long gone before my wife got home. This is scary, how did she know when my wife would be home? So I pulled out my pistol and ask her nicely to leave. She does.

About 10 minutes later I hear a loud knock at the door, I open it thinking it’s the sheriff. I’m face to face with Ashley and 2 guys. One of the guys punches me in the face, I fall backwards onto the ground. The other guy is in my face yelling, “You pulled a gun on a girl selling magazines there big guy?”, ”Let me show you what we do to people that point guns at little girls.” They start kicking me and spitting on me.

Next thing I know I wake up with the Sheriff in my face asking what happened to me. I couldn’t really talk because they kicked me in my mouth several times. My mouth has broken teeth and my jaw is broke. I’m taken to the hospital, sheriff at my side. I told them everything I remember.

They find them selling magazines in the next town over. When they were pulled over they acted as if nothing happened. Brandon Stice is the manager that was beating me; he is wanted by the KBI (Kansas Bureau of Investigations). I later find out she stole 7 checks from my checkbook. She filled them out to cash. My bank doesn’t cash checks made out to cash. So 3 checks were made out to Blue Diamond Subscriptions. One for 238.00 and one for 138.00 and the last one for 89.00. The sheriff later told me this company is really owned by a company called Atlantic Circulation out of York, PA. That company is owned by Dan Shoemaker.

If anyone has a complaint about this company they should contact the Federal Trade Commission at their toll-free helpline: 1-877-FTC-HELP [protected]). All they need is 10 complaints and then they will shut them down. They already took my money from my account; I have to sue them to get it back. Please help me and file a complaint against this company, before they do it to someone you love. Help me, please.

Blue Diamond Subscriptions’ Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=[protected]
Ashley Carman’s Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=[protected]
File a complaint https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en

Blue Diamond Subscriptions
2550 Kingston Rd. York, PA
[protected] | bluediamondsubscriptions.com

Atlantic Circulation inc.
2550 kingston rd., York, Pennsylvania
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A  27th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
I Agree with you completely. I also encountered at least six of these girls working for the Blue Diamond Subscriptions. Of course, they told me it was to gather points to go some some country in Europe somewhere.

Yeah, I was also talked into getting a magazine, of course they only asked me to pick one and cash only, of course i tried getting information from one of them but I could very well see that the one i was with has been making up things as she went. as in, she says she's from arizona but i found through facebook via her name that she was not from there at all. But no, I didnt encounter the same behavior you did but only just kept pressing for names.
As far as where i encountered them it was in the walmart super center in Post falls Idaho and I encountered at least six of them.

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