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Blue Care Network of Michigan / Poor Customer Service

1 MI, United States Review updated:

This company has the most horrible customer service. Our employer switched our plan to this company. My wife had to cancel appointments since their computers showed no coverage. I call them and get a maze of phone options. It takes a miracle to talk to a human being. I got one department after being on hold for 15 minutes and they told me I had the wrong department. I get switched to another department and put on hold for 25 minutes. That department tells me I have the wrong department and transferred to another department and put on hold for 20 minutes before I just hang up.
My advice is to stay as far away from this company as humanly possible. Few doctors take Blue Care Network patients. Once you have the coverage, you end up with needing a referral for everything. It is a nightmare.

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  • Bu
      14th of Aug, 2011
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    Worst insurance coverage possible. PCP treated me for 9 months without improvement, I demanded to see a specialist at that point but he refused. Ended up switching PCP's to obtain referral to specialist who is the head of the specialty at his hospital. Now, BCN refuses to cover the Rx the specialist feels I need. BCN's response to the specialist highlights "please advise patient they have the options to pay for this medication out of pocket". I've caught the customer service reps in lies on more than one occasion and have one tell me I should just get used to using half the dose my doctor has prescribed - UNBELIEVABLE. If you have an option - DO NOT CHOOSE THIS INSURANCE.

  • Ra
      12th of Sep, 2012
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    Blue Care Network needs to better train their customer service people before talking to customers about their charges! I called in March to check on what was covered for my husband and scheduling a knee surgery. I knew we had a deductible to cover and I wanted to make sure the deductible year plan would also cover my maternity stay at the hospital later in the year. They said both dates would be covered under the same deductible year and we had went in to extensive details about the charges and when. I just found out that our plan changes over in July and the deductible starts over at that time. So now I had to pay the full coverage of the knee surgery and now the full coverage of my hospital stay later in the year because it is not the same deductible coverage! If I would have been told that in March, we would have waited on the knee surgery until the new plan year in July to cover both under the one large deductible. They so screwed us!

  • Kd
      10th of Dec, 2012
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    This insurance is the worse I have ever had, they run it like a communist system. You can rarely satisfy them to meet the requirements to get the enhanced insurance. if they can find something they will and drop you like a lead weight.

  • Ma
      23rd of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Blue Care Network is the worst HMO in Michigan! Being part of one of the largest health care insurance companies in Michigan does not mean outstanding coverage or caring! This HMO giant is antiquated in its policies and referral requirements! Most all other HMO's allow for self referral to a network specialist and some level of out-of-network benefits. Even the Medicaid HMO's (such as Molina Healthcare, Total Health Care, Coventry Healthcare, Midwest Health Plan) allow self referral to specialists within the network! My PCP referred me to a specialist whom I was unable to get an appointment with for 6 months. After trying several other Oakwood specialists, I found none that could give me an earlier appointment. I finally found a specialist in the Henry Ford network that could give me an appointment in 1 1/2 months. I submitted my request for the referral and was denied!! Even though the specialist is a "BCN" provider, she was not in the same Oakwood network as my PCP so I was told they would not cover my appointment. I have been diagnosed with a new onset of a chronic life-altering disease with acute symptoms. Blue Care Network's main concern is NOT PATIENT CARE!

  • Wo
      21st of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    In 2010, after the signing of the Affordable Care Act, Blue Care Network of Michigan, removed my disability exemption, raised my rates and co-pays 500%-700%. I have tried for 3.5 years now, to have them release my records, give me a dispute process and a hearing, but have been totally ignored. Now as in retalliation for me filing a Title II Complaint against them, under the ACA and the ADA, they have given me a deductible and are refusing to pay bills, that were once paid 100% in full. According to the ACA any insurer that does this owes us $100 per day, until they change the coverage back to where it was so you cannot afford it. I will post again "if" the government actually refunds my premiums and deposits an amount equal to $100 per day, since the day they wrongfully changed my coverages.

  • Fe
      14th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    You must obtain a REFERRAL to see a specialist or have an MRI or CT scan. To do this, your Primary Care Dr needs to call BCN. BCN ALWAYS has at least 6 calls waiting, you get to call three and BINGO, they hang up! The Problem? Simple...specaal care costs them $$s, they being NON PROFIT cannot afford to treat their insured and therefore miss the opportunity to bank more NON-PROFITS. May I ask why the Insurance Czar of the State of Michigan won't step in and bang some heads, perhaps put their NP status in jeopardy! I sure that if he/she did this, the purse strings would loos ten somewhat.

  • Ja
      27th of Apr, 2016
    +1 Votes

    BCN Is the WORST coverage I have had in my entire life and I'm 57. My employer switched to BCN on January 1st this year. I chose the premium coverage as it was suppose to pay for all my medical supply needs at 100%. I am an insulin dependent Type 1 Diabetic and use an insulin pump. BCN only allows me to get my supplies from one supplier and that supplier does not carry pump supplies for my brand of insulin pump. If I use any other medical supplier I must pay for all the supplies myself. I have used 8 different medical professionals to try and help me access supplies to no avail. I have been turned down on an appeal by BCN also. They suggested I try a new insulin pump that they carry supplies for but as it turns out I'm not eligible for a different pump as my pump is still under warranty. I have over 40 hours of actual time on the phone with the supply company, BCN, and other different medical professionals. Another thing is that they made me change my brand of Insulin and when I checked with the pharmacist they showed me the paperwork where BCN is actually paying 34.00 more for the different brand Insulin. How stupid is that ! I am now in the process of filing a grievance with BCN, but have been told that it will probably be turnedd down also. I have lost what little hope I had in our health insurance system. All I can do is warn everybody that I can what a sham this whole system is. They even have the nerve to send me booklets on how much they care about my health. Really

  • Li
      4th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am now in the position where i have to choose a health insurance. Prior to now I had Molina and state Medicaid, but now I qualify for the Marketplace insurance. I don't have any complaints about Molina- I see doctors at Beaumont, I am currently under doctors care and have monthly visits and I never had a problem with coverage or payment. I was "considering" switching to BCN just because I thought they would offer MORE and be better serving since they are the longtime major players in the game, BUT after reading these comments and some other information about BCN and how they have submitted press release about them "improving their coverage and referral process", I put ALL that information together and it EQUALS TROUBLE! As mama said... if ain't broke, don't fix it! I'm staying with Molina! Thanks folks... BCN, I dodged a bullet!

  • Kl
      24th of Oct, 2016
    0 Votes

    BCN IS THE WORST! My son and I were covered with BCN through the Market Place (another poorly run institute). In may I took a new job that provided health care coverage. I called the Market Place and canceled my coverage but opened a new plane for my son with BCN. I used some of my tax credit for my son's account, since he's a collage student and still my dependent, for May and June I was still billed for myself and my son, I paid it. I called and got it straightened out, so I had over paid for 2 months! July's payment was 5 days late! I called the automated payment line and made a payment of $409.00 more then twice what should have been owed! I work as a biller in a private office checked my son's coverage and saw he was canceled!! My son had 3 appointments in July that BCN canceled coverage on and I had to pay out of pocket! They still have NOT returned my payment and we have many to calls to BCN and the Market Place in August, the Market Place admitted to sending erroneous information to BCN stating there was no tax credit, when there was, this would have allowed a 30 grace period for payment. He should not have been canceled. Bottom line is it's almost November, BCN still has my payment of $409.00 and my son has no coverage. I've called to get my money back and they've promised payment but it's been a month now and nothing! DO NOT USE BCN!

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