Bismark Tax/ Isai Cortez / Bismark Tax Inc. Isai Bismark Cortez Alleged Breach of Ethical Considerations

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Phone: 855 829 6055

Before starting
Bismark Tax, Isai Bismark Cortez worked for our tax company. Come to find out
one of our current clients who we are in a contractual relationship with was
approached and solicited for his tax services. Allegedly, Bismark Tax
solicited his services by ensuring he was the best guy for the job because not
only he worked for our company but he allegedly assured the client he will help
him client to get his money back. We believe this to be not only tortuous
interference of a contractual relationship but also a breach of ethical
considerations and goes against the professional conduct that all attorneys
must abide by. At this point we have no facts to back this up, but the
investigation continues

Bismark Tax/ Isai Cortez

Mar 14, 2014

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